2013 NSM Budget Proposal and Solution
to America's Economic Downfall

As our Party continues to press forward in our efforts to reclaim this nation we feel at this time it is necessary to do more than merely criticize the system and the 2 Party power structure currently in place and present to the public how we would actually set out to accomplish our goals of restoring America to it's preeminent status as the world's unquestionable superpower. We have the unshakable belief that in order for this goal to be met that the preservation of the European- American majority is absolutely essential to this endeavor as  the Western Europeans have proven themselves to be the only Race capable of building the types of civilized modern urban societies that will allow us the opportunity to maximize the opportunities bestowed upon us by our Founding Fathers. The safe and orderly conditions that must exist in order for our people to reap the benefits conferred upon us by by the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers cannot be realized within a multicultural nation as anyone that takes an objective look based purely on the statistics will be forced to agree that as the percentage of non White minorities increases the standards of living has decreased for the White majority. In short, the experiment of multiculturalism has failed. In just the past year , leaders all across the European Union have declared a multicultural society has has failed in Europe and it will fail in America as well. Therefore our Party utterly rejects the policies of racial integration which is the gateway drug to Regional consolidation followed by the surrender of National sovereignty to the global Suprastate. We instead embrace wholeheartedly the concept spelled out so clearly by the Founding Fathers when they declared, " Trade with all, entangling alliances with none."  We reject the notion that we must tie our economy to other nations by treaties and unions and declare we can carry on normal trade relations with all nations with none of the downside of being tied to them by these  " Free Trade" and" Fair Trade " agreements that make even our Senate subservient to International Law which was clearly the intent of the Founding Fathers when this declaration was made.

When America followed the course so clearly laid out by the Founding Fathers we were prosperous and the envy of the world. As we have deviated from this course we have all borne witness as our economy continues to decay, our status as the world's leading superpower is in jeopardy or gone, our educational standards have become a joke, and we are now in the position of being the first generation in the history of this great nation that will pass on as it's legacy to the next generation a declining standard of living. As National Socialists we believe that the primary function of the government is to make sure that the conditions necessary for the culture that created the nation to flourish are met. It is above all things the first and foremost consideration of our Congress to see these conditions met. The policies of " Globalism" and " Internationalism" have led us down the road to ruin and and a return to Nationalist policies are the only hope we have of regaining our place superiority in the global arena. We agree that what happens around the world affects us also but only in the degree that we allow it.

One of the primary reasons we are in debt today is the fact that working class America has been taxed to support failed Third World nations around the globe and the American taxpayers are the guarantors of debt all around the planet. With our ability to pay our own debts and rampant unemployment, a crumbling infrastructure, and even the ability to secure our own borders against foreign invaders we feel it is past time for Congress to choose a path of fiscal responsibility and do the job they were entrusted to do or face the consequences of the American people at the polls. Under the current economic now in place, the 2 Parties envision America as a service and distribution hub for the world with our manufacturing base being outsourced to other nations. This is unacceptable because it is these factories that produce materials that support our war efforts in time of crisis. We  reject completely Senator McCain's statement that these jobs are gone and are not coming back. We  reject Obama's statement that ten percent unemployment may be the new norm just because it is that way in India. If our politicians would do their job and look after American interests first, we can turn this situation around very quickly. The doctrine of National Socialism worked to reverse a horrible economic situation in Germany in the 1930's and these and true principles will work here as well.

One will notice that our entire economic model is a manufacturing based model, which has traditionally provided the highest standard of living for the working middle class. The second is our emphasis on welfare to work programs in which citizens must be made to work in order to eat if that is what is necessary to break the cycle of cradle to grave Welfare in America.Also central in our plan is the immediate repatriation of all persons to the country of origin that entered this nation illegally since the last Reagan era amnesty. Then by removing redundant Federal programs and withdrawing the military from around the planet and instituting sound monetary policy here at home we arrive at a level of spending that we feel will be far more acceptable and to the advantage of the American taxpayer.

This year's current  Federal budget proposal by the two Parties comes in at about $ 3.8 trillion dollars. We would like at this time to give to the American public a list of action items and some specific details of our proposed cuts and let the them decide whether the current budget and policies would be better or worse for them and the nation as a whole.

Item One: An immediate end to all but the most essential in foreign aid. It is a disgrace that we have homeless and hungry people here in America and yet we continue to send money out of this nation to other countries, many of whom hate us and work actively at the subversion of our nation.Israeli citizens alone receive annually about $26,000 for every man woman and child in the country, not including military and indirect assistance. An additional $4 billion was given to Mexico to help it enforce security on it's southern border but Congress cannot find $800 million to finish a section of OUR border. The Global Poverty Act, signed by then Senator Barack Obama will cost the American taxpayers nearly $850 billion, larger than the first TARP bailout and the American public is largely ignorant of the fact that this bill even exists.Our estimated savings to the American public for cutting foreign aid? $ 100 billion annually.

Item Two: Welfare to work programs. All able bodied Welfare recipients must be working immediately. It is essential that all able bodied citizens below retirement age must be productive.We should not be paying for road maintenance and infrastructure repairs when we have citizens capable of doing the work collecting a check from the state for doing nothing. Also mandatory drug screening for all Welfare recipients. In our model,everyone that needs help will receive it, the infirm and retirement age and our military veterans but all able bodied citizens must work. No free rides!! Estimated savings- $170 billion annually

Item Three: According to the Cato Institute an estimated $100 billion can be saved annually by eliminating government domestic subsidies. The largest areas are energy, education and agriculture. We should not be subsidizing farmers NOT to produce. The NEA ( National Education Association ) should be disbanded immediately and this responsibility should be returned to the states.All subsidies in energy except for the research into alternative fuel sources should cease. National Socialist scientist and Engineers are currently working on extracting pollution free Hydrogen from water and feel we will have this solved in the next few years. Our systems are on demand Hydrogen, meaning there is nothing but water in the fuel tank of your vehicle thus eliminating the need for specialized fueling points. We should immediately promote the increase of domestic exploration and refining  capabilities. The mere threat of this will immediately lower fuel costs to consumers here. We have a strong commitment to "green " technology but insist that we can utilize American natural resources and still be responsible stewards of the planet. Estimated savings- $100 billion annually.

Item Four: An immediate repatriation of ALL peoples that have entered this nation illegally and for which the American taxpayers are now burdened with the fiscal and social costs  of having these criminals here. Estimated savings- $100 billion annually and an additional $40 billion annually injected back into the economy that is currently being sent directly  out of the country now that we get no ripple effect or job creation from.

Item Five: Suspend interest payments to the Fed :  Since the Fed has Unconstitutionally usurped power from the American people and has set itself up as the supreme power in the nation today, making it impossible for us to get an audit, we can only estimate but it is believed that American taxpayers paid out last year about $ 378 billion in interest to the  Fed. By the way, they have never paid a penny in income taxes and have an art collection estimated at $400 million in their offices. If you do not agree with our numbers Mr. Chairmen,  please feel free to respond and give us the correct numbers. We await your response.

Item Six: Redundant Programs:  By eliminating these we can save an estimated $10 billion annually. On the top of the list are eliminating the Dept. of Homeland Security, dramatically downsizing the IRS, abolishing the EPA, and eliminating the NEA.

Item Seven: Withdrawing all U.S troops except in the most strategic areas of the world. Many troops can be brought home and re deployed to our own southern border. so we get  at home with no added cost to the tax payer as well as the ripple effect of salaries that will be spent here. The war in Afghanistan is not in the Federal budget proposal and is  funded by emergency spending measures at a Cost of about $90 million a
year. Estimated savings- $290 billion a year.

In summary, our proposed budget trims nearly one third of the total Federal budget for the fiscal year and brings the budget down from $3.8 trillion dollars to $2.6 trillion.  Please note that these are real numbers achieved by real cuts, not the smoke and mirrors game played by the current Parties where they tell America they are cutting the budget  but in reality are only slowing the GROWTH of the budget. We have not touched ANY entitlement spending such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Union benefits,  did not raise the retirement age, have not asked you to accept painful austerity measures and best of all, no one's taxes went up. The choice is clear and the choice is yours.

We can continue down the same path or we can set the course of fiscal responsibility and fix the problems created by the Globalists in the Government. We believe America is  the greatest nation in the world and it is certainly worth the effort to save it as well as the White Race that created it.

Lt. Brian Culpepper



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