Dresden 2010

To the traditional funeral march of the young country team during the destruction of Dresden in eastern Germany on 13-14. February 1945 through terror Rank reefs of the Allied bombers came in this year an estimated 10,000 demonstrators in the Saxon capital.

Assembly authority and police were not willing to enforce the decision by the Higher Administrative Court of Bautzen, a funeral march instead of - as the city planned from the outset - to be a stationary rally. Next we saw is not even able to ensure the access roads to the venue on the Silesian square outside the station Dresden-Neustadt, which is why initially formed on the outskirts of a train of more than 3,500 participants, was moving about five kilometers through residential areas to the station . This led to violent attacks "anti-fascists" as including considerable stones.

In the Silesian place eventually gathered more than 6,000 people. At the rally said JLO Deputy National Chairman, Dr. Björn Clemens, Andrew Beers, representing the forces of freedom and the Federal President of the Young National Democrats, Michael Schaefer.

In addition, there were various greetings and the presentation of a moving ballad by the Austrian poet Gerd Honsik of the destruction of Dresden.

During this demonstration, there were constant negotiations with the assembly line with the police. Obviously, just to calm the situation, they finally put out the prospect that they could carry on an alternative route to the funeral march. Since this road was also allegedly taken and the police, in turn, was unwilling to break the blockade, the event ended around 17:00 clock.

The NPD Group leader Holger Apfel, who took part with the other members of the group at the event, said the behavior of the authorities and others following:

"What we saw on February 13, 2010, is a scandal. ... If you do not even accept court decisions, but once the strategy defined by means of the violent mobs easily penetrated the left leads to the so often tried to free democratic order 'absurdity. ... All participants had at this point for the great mobilization and thanked the good discipline, they have maintained despite numerous provocations by the police."


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