Nordic National Socialists marched in Stockholm

Saturday the 26th of May a demonstration was performed outside the South African embassy on Kungsholmen in the central part of Stockholm, to show solidarity with the white people in South Africa, and protest against the ongoing ANC-supported genocide on white people there. The initiative to the demonstration was taken by the swedish section of the New Zealand-founded organisation Right Wing Resistance (RWR) with Nordic National Socialists (NNS) as co-organizer.

About 40 attendees, mostly from Nordic National Socialists, gathered at 13 pm at the avenue "Södra Agnegatan". Thereafter they formed columns heading NNS-ensigns and marched along the avenue "Hantverkargatan" down to the avenue "Kronobergsgatan".

Thanks to the nice weather this day many Stockholm citizens were out in the city and could watch the demonstration.

At "Kronobergsgatan" the police came to blows with small amounts of extremist left-wing counter-demonstrators, whom obviously wanted to show their enjoyment of the genocide of innocent white people in South Africa.
According to the police-reporting, nine counter-demonstrators were apprehended and removed from the place, and one of these were reported for a small drug offence.

The national socialists continued the march along "Kronobergsgatan", passed a park named "Kronobergsparken", and in the crossing between the two avenues "Kronobergsgatan" and "Fleminggatan" they turned and marched down "Fleminggatan" to the embassy of South Africa at the address "Fleminggatan 20". Outside the embassy the attendees lined up in a half circle and two speakers attended.

Rickard Ekman from Nordic National Socialists held a speech, in which he compared the situation in South Africa with the situation one can see in the ghettos in several of the swedish big cities.

He warned that the fate of the white South Africans soon can be the fate of the swedes too if they don´t begin to resist this in a moment.

Ekman also presented an analysis of why the situation had become what it is in South Africa and indicated that the solution must be that white people claim an exclusively own homeland, where they can live and develop their future absolutely independent from other ethnic groups. Ekman completely refused the ethnopluralistic idea about apartheid, were the races are believed to function living together in a common nation with rules that all ethnic groups are expected to observe to induce them to live in harmony with each other. The example South Africa shows the total failure of ethnopluralism, he stated.

For more information about the genocide in South Africa, we recommend this site:



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