Obama, you are President of a Country, not Chairman of the Board

Obama claims that in giving amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens that the reform will make America more competitive in the global economy .

Yes, that is true if Obama wants America to compete on the same level as Bangladesh where workers are crammed into unsafe factories, where emissions and safety and health standards are non-existent where a month's wages are barely worth a can of beans.

But why stop at 11 million illegals?  Why not 22 or 33 million illegals?  It will be no problem to find them.  In fact they are at this moment sneaking over the borders.  There is a very large and extremely profitable trade in shipping human cargo to the United States. Sure, some of them die on the way.  That is tough but that is the way the business operates.

What Obama and damned near every senator and representative has failed to grasp is that they are not operating a public company with shareholders who demand the lowest possible operating costs and the highest possible dividends.  Congress is in charge of a country.

The requirements for running a country are quite different from those of running a company.

With a company so long as the dividends flow to the stock holders and the share price goes up everybody is happy even if all of the production has been shipped off to China.

The first duty of the Congress of a country is to look after the interests of all of the citizens of that country.  It is not to import millions more people so that wages can be driven down to third world levels so that property developers can get rich developing tract houses, multi-story projects, suburban slums and worse.

Obama seems to “believe that the key ingredient missing from the US economy is that we don't have enough workers,”  But there are currently 11.4 million high school dropouts … 19.7 million high-school-only … 18 million with some college not working … and 11 million with at least a bachelor's not working. Total working age folks not working: 60.2 million.

The left-of-center Economic Policy Institute usually avoids the immigration debate, but recently released a report   showing that there are far more job seekers than openings, for both low-skill and high-skill workers.

“These data show that the main problem in today's labor market is not a lack of the right workers for the jobs that are available; it's that employers do not have enough work to be done to need to hire more workers,” said the EPI's Jan. 23 report.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/01/28/obama-to-push-immigration-amnesty-as-economic-boost/#ixzz2JKeggLYR




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