National Officers & Departments

A warning about Hoax Emails


Party Leader/Commander
Commander Burt Colucci
CommanderColucci (at)

Public Relations Department
Capt. Harry Hughes
Office phone: (520) 213-3116
Office e-mail: nsmregion11 (at)

Chief of Staff
Butch Urban
Office Email: butchu (at)

Director of community outreach
Email: position currently open

NSM Ambassador
Email: position currently open

Acting Director of NSM Media and Audio/Video
Email: nsmmedia (at)

NSM Prison Outreach
Email: no members currently doing outreach

HQ Webmaster:

Report Site Errors - Tech Questions - Advertise

Email: webhq (at)

Information Technology & Network Security Director
Network Outages, Privacy Policy Compliance & Abuse Reports

Email: bugreports (at)

NSM Security Director
Email: NSMSecuritySquad (at) protonmail. com
Major Mike Schloar

NSM Magazine Editor

Email: nsmmedia (at)

Press Contact: Public Relations Liaison 
Organization Name: National Socialist Movement 
Email: pr (at)
Phone: 651-659-6307

National Socialist Movement
Attn: Public Relations Liaison
PO Box 423223
Kissimmee, FL 34742

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NSM88.ORG   National Socialist Movement, HQ PO Box 423223, Kissimmee, FL 34742 (651) 659-6307