NSM "Harry Hughes" running for School Board seat in Pinal County, Arizona

- Announcement -

Dec 17, 2010

Read the Candidate Statement below: Due to a resignation, a vacancy has been opened on the Maricopa Unified School District #20 Governing Board two years prior to the end of the term. The district is located in Pinal County, Arizona. Normally, this is an elected position, but due to the need to fill the seat, a candidate will be appointed.

Sgt. Harry L. Hughes III of the Arizona Unit of the National Socialist Movement has submitted a letter on interest and application to fill the school board seat vacated by Lori Glenn on Oct. 13. The selected member will serve out the two years remaining on Glenn's term.

As a retired production lead, I have spent 18+ years living in Maricopa. During this time, I have seen the Maricopa Unified School District go through more than its share of growing pains.

For example, in 2005-6, a new district superintendent was sought. But the qualifications were very broad -- able to respond to the needs of a growing, diverse student population, yet able to contain costs by administrating with a business-like educational vision. Other issues that ideally should have been less contentious, like broadcasting school board meetings, field usage fees and possible additional school building projects also have been perceived as 'rocket science' by the community. A glance through the literature on the Internet likewise brings questions about how this burgeoning district might be able to better handle its affairs. And with AIMS scores 10-20% less on average than other student cohorts in the state, perhaps it is time to wonder how to make one of the most essential parts of the educational delivery system mix even more effective by collaborating within established local systems.

Besides the PARENTS, who supposedly bring a healthy child to the school building; TEACHERS who instruct and transmit positive culture; and STAFF and PERSONNEL who coordinate educational delivery systems, the school board is charged with what may be the most crucial task -- acting as an informed 'voice of the community.'

More recently, a budget override measure failed to pass in last November's election. This will force the district to prioritize and budget accordingly. I believe I can look out for the best interests of the students in these difficult economic times.

This 'voice' acts upon the will of the parents, but tempered by the insight provided by district educational professionals, and focused on the goals of the superintended and staff.

I would like to be part of this voice, too by deepening the dialogue. And as a past businessman, I realize the need for economically-minded operational techniques.

Some of you may know that my politics are 'conservative,' as I am a National Socialist. However, you should not be dissuaded by this. In fact, myself as a new voice on the board could be crucial in the continuing re-alignment with current demographics.

Additionally, if you were to ask any National Socialist about how they feel regarding education, you would find the subject to be spoken of with esteem usually reserved for only the highest of priorities.

The children of the land provide growth for communities that is often beyond that of agriculture, or other business concerns. The mind of a well-educated child goes beyond what they are taught. We cannot neglect this truism!

I hope this brief statement clarifies to a greater degree who I am. And, I look forward to any questions any member of the community might have for me.

Harry Hughes III




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