NSM Celebrates 27.79% of votes with 100% Precincts Reported

- Announcement -

Nov 4, 2010

We will see the day when a National Socialist candidate receives the votes in their district to take public office. Today, November 3rd, 2010, I rest at 27.79% of the total votes in my district after receiving thousands of votes while running openly as a member of the National Socialist Movement. Newspapers from Los Angeles to Chicago ran stories that criticized and condemned my candidacy while printing excerpts of interviews from odious individuals which serve as underlings to groups that hold great animosity towards White Civil Rights activists. The venomous rants from these individuals were nothing more than naive tirades and yet the reporters presented these individuals as experts on the National Socialist Movement. I was criticized and attacked. My candidacy was not taken seriously by the newspapers or the individuals that served as their experts. And with all the publicity my campaign received many people across the nation had to stomach the hatred towards Whites and White Civil Rights activists. However, today is a new day. Today we realize that a National Socialist candidate is able to receive almost 30% of the total votes. I received almost 7,000 votes in my small district when the so-called experts declared that we only had a couple hundred members and supporters in the entire state.

I spoke with a reporter from my local newspaper on Election Night after I discovered that I had received over 25% of the vote. She asked if I thought the voters did not understand exactly what a National Socialist is. I reminded her that her employer ran two articles that labelled me as a Nazi and printed pictures of me holding flags with Swastikas. I reminded her that we live in the age of the Internet and the NSM can be easily researched. I also reminded her that it was articles that she had  It appeared by the questions I answered during the interview that the media was hoping to somehow spin the election results to appear that I had received the uniformed vote. With my candidacy plastered across the Internet, in the local newspaper, and on television news, you can not argue that I received the uninformed vote; especially with 27.79% of the vote. In fact, the percentage gives us the endorsement from the voters to press forward in California`s political arena. We received enough votes this election to solicit funds in future elections. We received enough votes to encourage our party members to run as candidates across Southern California in their local elections. The percentage of votes we received gives us new hope for a victory in the near future. My interview with the local paper was not included in their report on the election results. The media has been understandably quiet. It appears that we received enough votes to silence the media and the critics.

It did appear that while I ran my campaign, the media ran a campaign of their own: a smear campaign. However, we must see the end results as a major victory for American National Socialism. This has served as a learning experience for me as well. Should I decide to place my name on the ballet again I will invest in automated calling and mailers. We would work to solicit the funds we need for an aggressive campaign and start campaigning earlier. I believe I could have easily received additional votes if we had been able to reach more voters with my message of Green Job solutions to meet my districts water demands.

While I contemplate my future in local politics our party and it`s members need to consider a run for state office in California. Although these campaigns can be expensive, Whites are 71% of the registered voters statewide. Of that percentage; 50% are Whites over the age of 50. We need to run on National Socialist values such as a strong economy and environmentalism. It will be our strong values and our commitment to our communities that will be the key to our victories. We have a hard road to travel, however, with National Socialists receiving a larger percentage of votes every election we can see victory within our reach. Today is indeed a new day for American National Socialists and we celebrate our future.

I would like to thank the voters in my district that decided to look past the media`s smear campaign and support a National Socialist candidate. I would like to thank Commander Schoep and the NSM for their support again. And last but not least, I thank my family and friends that stood by me through my campaign and the election.

MSgt. Jeff Hall
NSM Region 11 Director


Election results for Western Municipal Water District, Division2, Riverside California:

Vote Count Percent
TOM EVANS 17,511 72.21%
JEFF HALL 6,738 27.79%
Total 24,249 100.00%




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