NSM receives 27.66% of votes in California Election

- Announcement -

For the year 2010 The National Socialist Movement in the United States vowed to run Candidates for Office once again. We intended to challenge the career politicians, and see what kind of support we have amongst the public. The enemies of White Civil Rights responded in typical fashion by running news articles quoting various system puppets calling us dangerous hatemongers, bigots, and racists. The weak attempt by the Mass Media manipulators to undermine our efforts in California backfired and our Candidate received over 27.66% of the vote. We did not win the election (this time), yet we have proven that an openly National Socialist Candidate can get a sizable percentage of the vote, even with the Media blasting him at every turn as a Nazi. Those who oppose us claim that we are a fringe Movement with only hundreds of supporters, yet in just one local election in California thousands voted for us! The NSM is on the rise all over the Nation, and our mission of hope reaches out to hundreds of thousands of our Countrymen and women. The heroic effort brought forth by Jeff Hall will serve as motivation and momentum to other NSM supporters around the Nation and the World that we will continue to run people for Office. The next step for us is getting our people into elected office. The American people deserve better than the same old Republican and Democrat dog and pony shows, and the NSM intends to continue our fight to get our people into the seats of Government.

I will conclude my statement by extending solidarity to all the Pro-White groups and activists in American and around the World, by urging you not to lose hope! America is far from taking its last gasps of life, and its citizens are getting  bolder by the day. A vote for National Socialism is a vote for change, and change is coming! Actions speak louder than words, and through those actions we are gaining ground. For our Folk and For our Future... Hail Victory!

Commander Schoep

National Socialist Movement
P.O. Box 13768
Detroit, MI. 48213

website: www.nsm88.org
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Message below from NSM Candidate Jeff Hall

I`m proud to announce that after running a campaign for a seat on the Western Municipal Water Board in Riverside county I received 6,738 votes out of a possible 17,511 votes which is 27.66% % of the total votes. More than a quarter of the voters in this district were willing to look at the facts and vote for a National Socialist candidate who ran openly as a member of the National Socialist Movement. My name and reports of affiliation with the NSM appeared in newspapers from the L.A. Times to the Chicago Tribune. The local newspaper ran two articles concerning my candidacy and activism within the NSM, and some of the past rallies that we've organized. Local news KTLA channel 5 and a local Hispanic news channel ran stories about my candidacy. Thus, the voters were well informed and made a conscious choice to vote for a National Socialist. It is a great victory when a National Socialist candidate receives over a quarter of the votes for an elected position in his district. Over a quarter of the voters endorsed and voted for a National Socialist running on a platform of green jobs and environmentalism. The election results have sent a clear message to the two-party dictatorship, and the people whom have tried to silence the White Civil Rights movement in America. We are encouraged by the election results and look forward to a future of National Socialists in elected positions serving their communities. I would like to thank the Community of Riverside, Commander Schoep and the NSM for their support.

Election results for Western Municipal Water District, Division2, Riverside California:

Vote Count Percent
TOM EVANS 17,511 72.21%
JEFF HALL 6,738 27.79%
Total 24,249 100.00%

MSgt. Jeff Hall
NSM Region 11 Director


Nov 3, 2010



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