NSM Candidate for Office: Political Announcement from Jeff Hall

- Announcement -

Oct 18, 2010

I`m proud to announce my candidacy for Riverside Municipal Water Board, Division 2, in Riverside California. I continue to proudly serve the National Socialist Movement as the Regional Director of the Southwest States and I`m excited to brazenly join the many other NSM members whom will have their names in print on their local election ballots. Although our main priority is to White civil rights as White advocates, we remain steady and true as a political third party. I would like to thank Commander Schoep for his endorsement and acute advice as I continue to campaign. I would also like to thank Brian Holland for his encouragement.

Water usage and conservation is an important issue in the Southwest. We constantly face droughts which lead to restrictions, increase in price of consumption, and increased taxes. We have seen or heard of water mains breaking in Los Angeles because of extreme pressure caused by restrictions. We have seen or heard of local governing bodies hiring people to police water usage in our communities. We also personally face restrictions and high water bills in Riverside at a time when our tap water is rated second worst in the nation just last year by the EWG. Responsible water conservation is an important issue, as is the way in which we approach and address the issue and our community which it directly affects. The Water Board has been used as a stepping stone to other government offices or elected positions while every day we face the realities of the restrictions and high costs that affect our families and businesses. Water is not only the lifeline of our parks and businesses; it affects our lives and is a life source. The political aspirations of the few have yielded devastating results for many American citizens. Americans need to take a stand and not let career politicians ruin our communities, states, and nation. As a board member I will work for my community and not forget the impact my decisions will make on hard working Americans.

I have been a leader and organizer on the job and within the NSM for years. My work experience, life experience and love for my community are all I have to offer as my credentials, however, as a community organizer I`m qualified to be the Commander and Chief of these United States by the standard set by our liberal media and individuals which serve as representatives of the far left. We must not forget Obama`s candidacy platform and declaration of qualifications for Presidency based on being a community organizer. I am also able to formulate a complete sentence with great ease which has been the bane of Jerry Brown and George Bush`s political careers.

I am proud of my dedication to my party, and I am honored by the dedication my party has to our country. The National Socialist Movement continues to be a third party solution to the tyrannical two party dictatorship in America and their nefarious actions. We believe in the nationalist concept of rendering priority to our nation and it`s citizens over the notion of giving priority to foreign people or interests. A vote for a representative of the NSM is a vote for America and White civil rights.

Phone: # 619-300-8743

E-mail: jeff.hall (at) newsaxon.org


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