The White Preservationists’, Merger statement

- Announcement -

Saturday, Novemer 26, 2012

After heavy consideration, TWP (The White Preservationists) have decided to take the offer presented on behalf of the NSM (National Socialist Movement), and merge our organization, TWP (The White Preservationists) into the NSM (National Socialist Movement).

We thank all in TWP for their hard work, diligence, loyalty and dedication which has been demonstrated over the past years. By combining our strengths, experience, and dedication to that of the NSM, we are not only moving forward as a Movement as a whole, but as a people making this a mile marker and benchmark, as well hopefully as an example in favor of unity, towards victory for our race and country.

As of this day November 26, 2012 TWP (The White Preservationists) has forged a merger with the NSM (National Socialist Movement.)

We, TWP, view this as a high honor, wonderful opportunity, and a necessary choice for the advancement of the NS movement as a whole. We hope by this action, it becomes a true standing testament and example of good faith to the NS movement, to our race, and to our country. Be it White Nationalist, Nationalist, or National Socialist, we need to band together. For we are all fighting for the same cause. As it was said by our forefathers, “United We Stand, divided we fall”.
Hail Victory.


Gerald Lee Heidt
TWP Commander

Jr. Amy Leanne Brady
TWP CO Commander and Chief of Staff



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