In Memorium: NSM Regional Leader Mark Scholler

Mark B. Scholler was a life long member of the NSM. He first came to us in 1976. He was multilingual. Mark was a dedicated life time member, who fulfilled various functions, one of which was head of the NSM Office for Foreign Affairs (OFA-NSM) He acted as a support office for the NSIWP, NSIrishWorkersParty, had direct contact with the NSMUK, helped spread their news, information and provided inspirational help to our Comrades all over the world, and was a direct contact with the (Afrikaner Resistance Movement) AfrikanerWiterstandBewegung (AWB) founded by Eugène Terre'Blanche. OFA-NSM provided a lifeline to European National Patriots who viewed the NSM as a Beacon of hope!

Marks efforts both visible & not, assisted the NSM in many of its public activities. Intelligence on enemy orgs., under radar support & direct action of many kinds. He participated in dozens of NSM public actions from the east coast, south & Ohio. The Fountain Square rally of 1979 in which twenty NSM, SSAG & others participated, garnered international headlines. Mark was there! He had been appointed State Leader of Pennsylvania. The enemy feared him! He knew who the enemy was in Pa., & strove against overwhelming odds to defeat them! Mark epitomized the dedicated loyalty, idealism and fortitude to his family, Race & Nation! No matter where they were! He will be forever missed! Wir hatten ein treuer Kamerad! Wir werden nicht vergessen! Heil Hitler! CDHerrington



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