On November 7th on the steps of the Lee County Courthouse in Tupelo, Mississippi, history revisits Tupelo as the National Socialist Movement will continue its fight against Illegal Immigration.

Between 2-4 pm , the National Socialist Movement along with its allies will help Mississippi fight the invasion of Illegals into America! The National Socialist Movement is calling on all Mississippians and all Americans to come out and protest against issues that are destroying us!

http://www.nsm88.org/announcements/Tupelo_ Flier2015.pdf

For More Information nsmchiefofstaff (at) gmail.com

Phone: ( 651) 659-6307

Wisconsin Ben Larson is now the Unit Leader for the state of Wisconsin. Ben has been in the Movement for years fighting for Our Folk and the struggle for White Rights. The NSM welcomes Ben in this leadership role and knows he will do well. Contact Ben at nsmwi88 (at) gmail.com

Pennsylvania Dan Houser has taken the rains for the state of Pennsylvania. Dan is a life long National Socialist fighting for our cause. Dan is a welcomed addition to the NSM leadership. Contact Dan at n sm88pa@gmail.com  or (814) 807-2011


The National Socialist Movement is proud to announce the appointment of Aryan Knight as the group's Ambassador. Aryan Knight, or 'AK' as he is known among his cohorts in the NSM Media team has had a wide career. During the 1980's and 1990's, Aryan Knight was stationed in various European locations. It was there that his in-depth interest in world events began. Since then, AK has worked as an assistant to celebrities. While he did not bring his national socialist worldview to work with him, it was during these various positions that Aryan Knight began his experience with grassroots activism, as well as media-based impression-management. In his position as NSM Ambassador, Aryan Knight will continue his NSM Media duties (notably as co-host of NSM Weekend, and an activist in his own right), but will add to his commitments. Currently, AK is coordinating an enhancement effort for NSM units in the Southeast U.S. However, he will be shepherding in additional new leaders in this area. He will be continuing his outreach efforts between the NSM and other pro-white organizations.     

Contact Aryan Knight at: nsmambassador (at) gmail.com



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