Organizational Merger: NSM welcomes Werwolf 88 May. 24th, 2016

- Announcement -

Werwolf 88 Central Headquarters:


In order for the racial loyalist movement in America to transform itself into a serious instrument of political change and social revolution it is necessary for people to overcome their personal ambitions and egos for the good of the Cause. In this spirit I am shutting down the central headquarters and urging all members of the Werwolf88 resistance network to join the National Socialist Movement (NSM).

After careful examination of the various NS formations now existing in America I have come to the conclusion that the NSM, based in Detroit and under the leadership of Commander Jeff Schoep is the best-organized and the most active and serious organization there is. Mr.Schoep has appointed me the Coordinator for Region 2 of the NSM. This is a great honor for me and I intend to do my best to turn this section of the country into a stronghold of the NSM. I hope all my comrades in the Werwolf will join me as a Stormtrooper in the party that Rockwell would be proud of.

Heil Hitler!
Steve Bowers



NSM88.ORG    National Socialist Movement, P.O. Box 13768 Detroit, MI. 48213 (651) 659-6307