NSM in a Battle for the Ages: Your Help Needed!


Attention NSM Party Members, Supporters, & concerned Patriots around the World.

Please post this important and critical notice far and wide to draw attention to this court case we are currently fighting.

DO NOT dismiss this as simply another boring fundraiser, or something that does not matter. This case could set a precedent for taking away Freedom of speech and expression in this country. IF we fail in this Battle for the Ages, simply put your freedoms you value as an American will have been robbed from you, your children, your grandchildren, and future generations. So pay attention, and heed this message very clearly! Below you will find two links, one is a link to one of the two lawsuits were are currently fighting, the other is a news story explaining in simple terms what we are up against.

http://www.law.georgetown.edu/academics/centers-institutes/constitutional-advocacy-protect ion/upload/lawsuit-charlottesville.pdf


We flatly deny all of the erroneous charges against us, and if you read the lawsuit you will see how ridiculous the charges are, and we are fully confident we can prove beyond a doubt that we are NOT guilty of anything, however this is where we require your help, and not well wishes or pats on the back, we need funding to fight this! If we ignore the charges we lose by default, and those of you that know anything about the NSM know very well we have been on the frontlines and in the streets for longer than pretty much anyone else in this struggle, back to our roots and into the present we have always been and remain in the streets.

If we lose this case, those who have brought these charges against us will take everything from us, they fear our political agenda and have not been able to destroy us in the streets, so now they are trying to break us financially, and sue us out of existence, with absolutely ridiculous charges. The trickle-down effect of this is if we lose, street activism in the USA could be done and over with forever under the erosion of the US Constitution, so if you think this does not affect you, and you can sit this one out and see what happens, simply put you are not a Patriot, and you can get out right now!

We need your help now! It does not matter if you are NSM Party member or not, this case affects all Americans, and freedom of speech is on the line. For those of you that are Party members, this is a direct attack upon our Party by Anti-American pseudo-communists. They are attempting to shut us down thru the court systems, silence us forever and potentially seize our assets. We need finances to hire lawyers to fight these cases, and file countersuits against the city and those who pushed for the violence in the City of Charlottesville. The Antifa and communists attacked our people with weapons, and the Police stood back and watched as 1,000 patriots engaged in legal self-defense against just as many or more violent Antifa/communists, anarchists and black lives matter activists. 
The NSM never does fundraisers, and we do not like to ask for money, but now we have no other option. This case could cost us tens of thousands of dollars, and we simply do not have access to the kind of money, and we need to hire lawyers to fight this.

Party members, we have kept monthly membership donations at $10. a month for the past 20 years or longer, that changes today. Party members will now contribute a minimum of $20. per month to the NSM, or $30. for couples or families.

You do not have to be a Party member to donate to the NSM (send Money orders), anyone who supports our efforts can contribute there. We need to raise funds for legal defense and this is one way for you to help us.

The Party no longer accepts personal checks, too many bad checks have drained us of finances. If you send a check it will be shredded.  We DO accept money orders, Western Union, Money gram, Walmart to Walmart payments, ACH Bank transfers

Those of you sending donations by mail, our address is below.

Thank you for helping us fight these tyrannical charges, and thank you for your ongoing support of the NSM over the years, it is YOU that are the lifeblood of this Party. We salute you!

For Blood and Soil,
Commander Jeff Schoep

National Socialist Movement
P.O. Box 13768
Detroit, MI. 48213



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