NSM Press Release Regarding Charleston, SC.

- Press Release -


The National Socialist Movement (NSM / NSM88.ORG ) is regretful over the unnecessary loss of life in Charleston, South Carolina. We must remind all Americans that we have repeatedly warned of an escalation in ethnic violence, if the current policies of the current administration are not revised to suit the best interests of ALL Americans. The epidemic of rapes and murders committed by Blacks against Whites on a daily basis have been systematically repressed by the mainstream media and ignored by the immediate-past Holder Justice Department, as well as under the current Attorney General. The recent anarchy in Ferguson and now Baltimore have made it clear to all Americans that President Obama will do nothing to defend the best interests of White Americans. Whites are simply getting fed up and their frustration over the government. Disenfranchising them in their own nation will ultimately lead to a violent backlash which has been predicted by a number of pundits as well as leading military strategists.

22 White Americans are killed every single day by Blacks and a White woman is raped every nine minutes by a Black in America. How long do you think it will be before the day of reckoning will come?

Our organization does not condone or promote acts of violence against any organization or individual and indeed our entire platform has been to save lives by resolving the issues before we are faced with the prospect of all out Civil War brought on by multiculturalism, but we have stated time and again that the concerns of the White nationalists are going to have to be addressed if there is ever to be peace in this nation.

To borrow a line from the Black civil rights leaders, No Justice; No Peace. If we cannot work together to find a solution that is fair to ALL Americans, God help us!


Commander Jeff Schoep
National Socialist Movement
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