White Rights Leader Calls NAACP Racist

- Statement -


Rome, GA. -  In a statement today directed at the Ga chapter of the NAACP, White Civil Rights leader Commander Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement denounced efforts by the NAACP to attempt to marginalize the pro White group's efforts in the planned weekend rally in Rome Ga.

  “It is time for the Ga. Chapter of the NAACP to join the world community of the new millennium and understand that White Americans are entitled to Civil Rights also,” the charismatic organizer of this coming weekend's event in Rome Ga. stated.

   “The Ga chapter of the NAACP's failure to even attempt to meet us in a civil discourse underscores the racism of that organization” he continued.

  “ Understand that the National Socialist Movement was the only pro White group to be invited at the behest of Black Civil Rights leaders to attend the Conversation On Race summit held in Beverly Hills, Ca. in 2014”

   He concluded by saying, “Apparently the leaders of the NAACP today feel that only non-Whites are entitled to representation based on ethnicity. How much more racist could they be? We will engage their leadership anytime, anywhere, in an unedited debate and let the American people themselves decide who the real racists are.”

   Jeff Schoep leads the Detroit based National Socialist Movement which is the largest pro White organization in America today.




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