NSM Response to Ferguson Riots

- Press Release -

The National Socialist Movement will not stand idle as white families, businesses, and homes are being attacked by marauding criminals. We have been contacted by numerous individuals in the Ferguson area asking for our support. We are currently weighing two options, either boots on the ground in the form of patrols within the City to provide protection and security for the citizens, or a public rally. We are currently awaiting further reports from our people on the ground there, and we should have men enroute to the city shortly.

As America 's premiere white civil rights organization, the National Socialist Movement stands in shock and disdain of the events going on in Ferguson , Missouri . Not only are area blacks fulfilling the stereotypical ‘worsts' of their past culture. “This is NOT a ‘Trayvon Martin case,'” says NSM Commander Jeff Schoep, who adds that,“This is an experience in which a misguided community has overreacted, perhaps as much, or even MORE than have the police. Anyone trying to draw that parallel between this event and Trayvon Martin is causing even more unrest whether they are aware of it or not!” Schoep represents NSM, an organization of socio-political interests for white civil rights, and is an outspoken figure in various other race-related issues. “If there's been an ‘injustice,” Schoep says, "it will be found out. Revisiting America 's 1960's by rioting and looting in your own town is NOT the answer. It's INSANE! Rational, public-spirited fact-finding is the ONLY answer. What's going on in Ferguson , Missouri is virtually akin to communist-incited ANARCHY,” added Schoep. “ White people will NOT be victims of this random violence and rioting.



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