NSM Response to Executive Order on Immigration

- Press Release -

Fellow Americans,

As most Americans are aware of by now, the President this past week has taken the indefensible position of declaring a mass amnesty for approximately 4.5 illegal aliens currently in this nation. This action was unilaterally undertaken in spite of the fact that the majority of Americans do not support amnesty and in a time of severe economic hardship an already over burdened working class can scarcely afford.

One can make the argument that past Presidents have taken similar executive actions in the past. This is true but never has such a decision been made that has actually threatened the very fabric and composition of American society. An amnesty on this scale threatens to shift the demographics of this nation in a manner that is irreversible and irrevocable. It ultimately will by design hand the reigns of power to a group of people that inherently despise the Constitutional Republic form of government and that harbor a deep seeded hatred of the individual liberties that we all currently are afforded.

This executive order is the culmination of decades of work by the forces of the International Communist movement, and has only been possible due to mass deceptions and media manipulation designed to disguise the true intent of their political agenda. If this amnesty was presented in an honest manner would be soundly rejected by the majority of Americans. We point to the case just recently of one of the chief architects of the Affordable Care Act being exposed on numerous videos that show him boasting about lying to the American people about the costs and implementation of the bill in order to get it passed. This followed by a systematic denial by the President and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that they so much as even know him when there are numerous documents and video showing he was cited as a source and subcontractor used in developing the ACA.

We only mention this case to highlight to the American people that the leadership of the current two Party system is completely and utterly corrupt, and has devolved into what could be described as criminal gangs, with most of their sole purpose being to exploit their positions of power for personal self aggrandizement and profit.

 Inside the halls of Congress there lies another group whom have designs that are altogether different. These are the dedicated left wing radicals. They go by many names, Progressives, Liberals, Globalists, Zionists, Internationalists and they all have one thing in common: They inherently feel that Western Civilization is evil and the White Christian majority of the West somehow owe them a debt for past perceived injustices real or imagined. It is exactly this resentment and hatred for Western culture that is behind the push for mass amnesty. It is an open power play by President Obama to wrest control of this nation away from the White majority and deliver it into the hands of non Whites. We are of the opinion that he may use the mechanisms of first the government, then the economy, and ultimately the military to repress and then eradicate the Whites that built this great nation.

Yes, eradicate.

Strong words indeed but the time has come to be direct and to the point. The Communists strategy for consuming America which is the greatest obstacle to their goal of Global totalitarianism is a matter of record. It clearly names the tool of using Third World immigration to undermine the culture and ultimately subvert the nations of the West. Despite the denials from both Parties that amnesty is founded on “humanitarian” and “ethical” needs the real truth is that there are members of both Parties that support the Globalist concept or at least have been bribed or blackmailed into not opposing it.

Therefore at this time, we, the leadership and membership of the National Socialist Movement, do hereby formally oppose the Executive Order put forth by President Barack Obama. With our commitment to the defense of the White Race and to the American Republic we intend to uphold our solemnly sworn oaths to promote the continued White majority domination of these United States and ensure the that white/European people remain the controlling influence in all spheres of American society be it culturally, economically, politically and militarily, with intent to ensure a safe and secure homeland for future generations of White children free from the destructive influence of multiculturalism and Global government.

Republican leadership should have seen this coming and had in place contingencies already to prevent it or make it so costly for Obama that he would never dare attempt this circumvention of the will of the White majority. This only serves to highlight the weakness and shortsightedness of Republican leadership. They will pay dearly now for failure to implement real immigration reform when they have had decades to implement an effective strategy that would have headed off this situation.

The National Socialist Movement is committed to providing real time solutions to defending the safety and security of the White Race and this nation's sovereignty. It is not enough to simply complain that nothing is being done. It is not enough to merely present ideas and form committees where plans get passed around eternally and nothing gets done. We as a Race now must understand that we are engaged in a battle for our existence. Until we adapt the mindset of total warfare is being waged against us, and thrust upon us, we will continue to lose to an enemy that works night and day to deliver the world into the hands of the Communism or International Zionism.

Republican leadership has been far too timid in its response to Obama. Fresh off of resounding victories in the mid terms where Americans at the polls utterly rejected the Obama agenda and virtually giving Republicans a mandate to fix the issue, they choose instead to cower out of fear of being branded “racist” or “insensitive to minorities”. It would be laughable if it were not so pathetic!! Or perhaps they themselves are part of the entire Globalist scheme? Or perhaps they are being bribed or blackmailed? In either case, it is time for Republican leadership to grow some balls or call in the National Socialist Movement leadership for some advice on how to clean up the mess that THEY helped make. The single largest thing that Republicans can do to make Obama rescind this executive order is simply show some courage. You cannot win great gains without taking bold decisive action. Obama has at least taken aggressive measures to implement HIS world view. The same cannot be said for his so-called opponents in the two party system!

The National Socialist Movement has compiled a list of recommendations and suggestions for moving forward to force Obama to rescind this executive order or at least make it so damaging to his other agenda items that the pressure will mount even from his own Zionist puppet masters to vacate his position.

Some of the items are:

1) The direct method of impeachment. But without a majority large enough it is pure ceremony so do not place your hopes on that option.

2) House Republicans should use the power of the purse aggressively. We do not advocate a Government shutdown, you tried that one once and it alienated Republicans from the people. Instead we suggest surgical strikes on:

A) The Affordable Care Act- Derail his signature legislature.

B) Defund La Raza and declare it a terrorist organization and it's members as domestic terrorists.

C) Declare AIPAC a foreign lobby and disband it immediately and investigate aggressively its members and donors. Remember, every Jewish member of the Democratic Party voted for the ACA and also support amnesty. Their voting records are a matter of record.

D) IMMEDIATELY defund all foreign aid to Mexico and all Central American states that are actively engaged in promoting and aiding and abetting the waves of illegal immigrants flooding this nation.

E) The Senate should give notice and declare intent to exit from the NAFTA treaty.

F) Enact legislation that makes it illegal to have dual citizenship

G) Declare it illegal to transfer money into Mexico and Central American nations based on: They are promoting the subversion of our laws and sovereignty which under any sane administration would be deemed an act of war. They also harbor narco-terrorists so can be boycotted under RICO stautes.

H) You must reside in America to receive Social Security benefits.

I) Only citizens can serve in the military.

J) Those caught hiring illegals will be fined and property confiscated. In short, enforce the laws already on the books.

K) Engage the Governors of our border states and allow them to deploy citizen's militias. Not National Guard but call up and deputize citizen's militias as outlined in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. Give them arrest authority and power to use lethal force against any assailants.

L) An aggressive outreach program to White America calling for mass street demonstrations all across America that will so disrupt commerce that the pressure will be on to resign. We have yet to hear a single Republican put out a call to mobilize the masses and yet the Democrats routinely use social agitators such as Al Sharpton to pressure the government for concessions.

M) And last but not least, stop worrying about pandering to the Latino vote. They are not going to support you anyway so spend your outreach efforts at gaining the support of the White Conservatives. The best way to deal with the Latino voter issue is mass deportations and reduce the number of Latinos that are here to begin with. Policies of appeasement do not work, plain and simple.


You will note that most of our recommendations involve the enforcement of already existing laws to combat those that attempt to organize and promote amnesty. The most effective tools in reach of the House is to defund the nations that are sending these waves of invaders across our borders. But equally important is for the Republicans to engage the White Christian majority and use their access to the media to organize at street level massive protests that show Whites are the real force in America. Enforcement of the border by the citizens if the government refuses is paramount to this strategy as it puts the administration in an indefensible position with the citizenry and woe unto them if they actually fire on citizens lawfully exercising their Constitutional Rights.

The National Socialist Movement has been at the forefront of the fight for National Sovereignty for 40 years. Our observations and predictions have been virtually 100% correct and we have warned of the dangers of the allowing the Communist movement to go unchecked and unpunished. Once again our observations have been validated and our talking points are being vindicated on a daily basis.

This mass amnesty is the defining issue of our time as it will decide whether we remain a sovereign independent nation or we are absorbed into a regional superstate where all individual freedoms are lost and policies are made by a body of unelected officials that inherently hate the people of the West and are committed to our enslavement and ultimately our extermination. The entire Globalist Strategy hinges on this one amnesty and if White America fails to beat back this attack NOW as of the 2016 elections we will be a virtual one Party system as the Democratic strategy is to grant amnesty then normalize and give voting rights to millions of people that overwhelmingly support the Communist platform. Failure to stop this power play by the forces of the Communist Party means that any political option is virtually impossible and the situation will most likely very rapidly degrade into open ethnic conflict.

Make no mistake that this is a declaration of war on White America. To all of our Racial kindred here and abroad, the time has long since come and gone to stop the bickering and infighting and mass into one solid unified Aryan Front. Regardless of Party or Organizational affiliation, we state now that if we fail to unite we will die off as a Race. These recommendations we put forth as a show of good faith to aid Republicans in the fight against an unconscionable act by the President, but we hold little hope that they will do anything meaningful to stop this assault or punish the attackers. Obama is laughing down his sleeve I am sure at John Boehner's threat to sue him if he signs amnesty deal. Such things amount to little more than blowing a rape whistle after you have already been raped.

No. Ultimately the only force we have to rely on is White America and that is where I put my faith. Yes many of our people have been led astray, and we are still plagued by factionalism but I still believe in the promise of our genetics and when pushed to the brink the Aryan has risen up and met the challenges and this is what has made us evolve into the world's apex predator. This battle will be won in the streets and it is past time that White America learns the lesson that the Black movement learned more than 50 years ago. Only by blatant displays of sheer numbers will the administration sway from its course, and most likely large scale civil disruptions will have to occur to force the government to bow to our will but bow they will!! In recent history such Nations such as Egypt, the people have dethroned Presidents and changed regimes, and that is a modern Nation, so it can be done here or anywhere else as well. Many in Washington D.C. have forgotten who the REAL owners of this nation are it is my belief that they are about to waken a sleeping giant. The situation has the potential to escalate now very quickly. We are engaged in serious talks now with other Pro White, Nationalist, Constitutionalist and Militia groups to discuss strategies to encourage Obama to vacate this order. In a later press release this week we will report the results of our efforts to engage a number Black Civil Rights leaders as well as to work on potential areas of common ground that can help to maximize our efforts. We have issued directives to members and supporters to network with as many others as they can in their designated areas of operation to coordinate phone, fax, and e mail blasts to Congress. Keep those intel reports coming in as we need as much information as we can get on the leftist and anarchists groups and all organizers that are supporting this amnesty. Our unmatched street resources are hard at work doing the untraceable work of one on one networking amongst the underground. Unit leaders should be systems checking communications networks and all members are advised at this time to have ample supplies of food and water, and basic medical provisions for yourself and your family in the event of any escalation of tensions that could result in shortages of basic necessities.

Our thanks to all members and supporters who have sworn their oaths of fealty and to those in the underground that share our beliefs. Ultimately we will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever. White America is waking up to the danger posed by Multiculturalism and the threat of the Zionist political movement where the ultimate responsibility lies. We simply need to stay the course. With every flyer we put out and every street protest and every media broadcast we produce, it gets a little worse for the Zionist, and we will not forget or forgive those whom have inflicted this misery upon our people.

We urge cooperation once again among all White groups and we hope that Congressional Republicans will consider as part of their action plan some of the talking points we have put forth. The time for timid responses is over and moving forward the forces of freedom are urged to take a much more aggressive stand against the forces of tyranny and lawlessness.


Commander Jeff Schoep
National Socialist Movement
P.O. Box 13768 Detroit, MI. 48213 USA




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