Urgent Message From Burt Colucci – April 5, 2020

For many years now, we have been claiming that Communists have been pulling the strings of

government officials with their money, threats and propaganda. On August 11–12, 2017, the entire

world witnessed just how infested the Commonwealth of Virginia is with Communism.

In this message, I will provide you with pertinent facts to substantiate my claims and update you to the

current situation involving the demise of our constitutional rights and privileges.

When most people think of Charlottesville and the events that took place that day, they think of James

Alex Fields and his gray Dodge Charger crashing through a crowd of people. End of story. But that isn’t

the end of the story. There is more to the true story and how the denial of the truth is affecting every

American without their knowledge or consent.

It has been confirmed by the Charlottesville Police Department, they were given a stand-down order by

Michael Signer who was the mayor at that time. Presumably, Mr. Signer ordered the police department

to stand down out of contempt for Judge Glen Conrad, Senior United States District Judge for the Western

District of Virginia. Federal Judge Conrad ordered the rally at Lee Park could legally proceed with proper


This decision enraged Mr. Signer, many of the local businesses and of course Antifa because they believe not

all Americans have a First Amendment Right. Consequently, it was reported by many of the Charlottesville

police officers that (at that time) Mayor Signor made the remark “let them fight”. One would immediately

think a person in an elected position of mayor would immediately be investigated and ultimately arrested.

After all, he propagated an unlawful assembly of Antifa in the middle of the streets of Charlottesville. Worse,

people were hurt and killed due to his stand-down order. For all Mr. Signer’s irresponsible decisions, he was

awarded the annual Levenson Family Defender of Democracy Award from the Anti-Defamation League in

2017. He was recognized by Forward Magazine in its “Forward 50” 2017 list of most influential Jewish

leaders in America. He also received the Jerold L. Solvoy Freedom Award from the Anti-Defamation League

Midwest. To date, no known legal action has been taken against Mr. Signor in any way, shape or form.

Anyone that broke any laws in those streets on those days has already been criminally prosecuted. One

would think justice has been served and that’s the end. Now, we have an organization that is attempting to

use the Federal Courts as pawns to dispense justice in a way that the criminal courts could not.

I would like to refer to the Integrity First for America (IFA) and their Sines vs. Kessler lawsuit. IFA’s Roberta A.

Kaplan has been allowed to openly accept donations/Credit Cards that exceed $10,000,000 while other

groups who are in opposition to the IFA’s agenda are prohibited from accepting credit cards, PayPal or other

electronic means of donations. This includes the National Socialist Movement which is discriminatory all by


I personally have never been to Charlottesville or attended any of the events scheduled on August 11 and 12,

2017. I was not a member of the NSM at that time. Nonetheless, I have been served with a Federal

Subpoena to give an 8-hour deposition and now they are seeking to convince the Federal Judge to Subpoena

my electronic devices. This is the IFA’s way to abolish our rights according to the Constitution of the United

States, namely the 4th Amendment. Many organizations and individuals are being persecuted at this time.

These frivolous infringements on our rights to free speech, press and assembly immediately need to stop

before our rights are gone completely.

My goal is not to ask for sympathy or recognition of the fight I am up against. I knew what I was undertaking

when I started a new organization based on an old name and I fully intend to see that struggle through. My

goal is to make all Americans aware of the fight that is going on to keep our Constitution in place. You have

all seen the news and how our society is decaying. My question to you is will you turn away letting them

shred our constitution word by word or help keep our Constitution as the doctrine of our country?

At this critical time for America, I would like to ask for your help. Once they take away our rights, yours will

be next. We desperately need volunteers that are willing to help us fight this injustice. It doesn’t matter if

you agree or disagree with our beliefs, this is a fight for our Constitution. We are up against an army of

lawyers and an organization with deep pockets. Finding legal representation is imperative. If you are an

attorney or paralegal that can help us, please reach out to me. For others, please consider making a donation

to our legal fund. Your effort to support the saving of our constitution is greatly appreciated – and needed at

this time. Thank you.


Burt Colucci