Civil Rights Group Links Amnesty, Gun Control

- Press Release -

Detroit- A leading civil rights organizer today blasted the proposed amnesty talks as being “an all out assault” on the Constitutional freedoms of Americans and urges citizens to oppose “any and all efforts to allow persons that entered this nation illegally to remain”.

Commander Jeff Schoep of the Detroit based National Socialist Movement further went on the offensive against Republicans and Democrats alike for “ engaging in political mendacity”  by concealing the true purpose behind the proposed amnesty which he claims is the ushering in a regional suprastate in which Americans will be forced to surrender all Constitutional freedoms including the right to keep and bear arms.

Under the proposed amnesty, a voting block of Latinos could emerge that would become powerful enough to oppose any efforts to block the creation  of the North American Union, and could thus circumvent efforts to retain national sovereignty. According to Schoep “ this poses the single greatest threat to all freedom loving Americans today” and urges citizens to contact Congressional leaders and insist “ nothing short of repatriation is acceptable”.

“Our organization believes implicitly in the right to keep and bear arms” and that “ White Americans owe no allegiance to political parties or a government that does not promote their best interests. The creation of a North American Union robs us of the right to self determination.”

The  National Socialist Movement also lobbies for the creation of a White Congressional Caucus, an immediate end to all affirmative action, racial quota systems, and is the most active White civil rights organization in America today.




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