Frontline Action Report from NSM Northern States Director Dan H.

Subject: Kalamazoo Rally
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 01:20:22 -0400

08/04/2007 Kalamazoo Rally

The day started with many of us leaving from different points around the state, all on our way to converge on Kalamazoo. Our group left Cadillac around 9 a.m and after some minor traffic issues arrived at our meeting point at 11 a.m. The meeting point was a Meijer's store off of Westnedge Street near downtown. As we arrived we noticed three carloads of our comrades waiting for us. After we were there for roughly 15 minutes three police vehicles showed up on the scene to keep an eye on us. Why I am not sure because I know for certain we were not the 15 black gang members responsible for the beating of the white homeless man recently, the police should have been out looking for them not watching us. After all that was the whole reason we came to K-Zoo as the locals call it, to send a clear message to the local government and police force that they need to put a stop to black hate crimes against white residents.
At around noon we departed from the meeting point and headed over to the DHS office(welfare office) to park our vehicles. By parking there we figured it wouldn't be hard for the local Negro gang bangers to find us since they are so familiar with the building.
Our group of roughly fifteen departed from the parking lot at around 12:15 p.m and headed for the rally location which was about three blocks away. Along the way we received a positive response from a number of residents who were happy to see  us bringing attention to the problem of gang violence in their neighborhood.
We arrived at the rally location at 12:30 p.m. As we got close to the security area we linked up with a reporter from Channel 4 Detroit, who was waiting to go in with us. N.S.M Michigan has worked with this News agency in the past and this time they wanted to cover a rally from our perspective instead of the screaming masses.
With media in tow we went through a battery of security measures, stricter than any I have seen previously. It was similar to going through airport security only with three times more police. First we had to remove all personal items out of our pockets, belt, footwear, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. Then walk through the metal detector, next get a pat down and once over with the wand, finally another officer searched the belongings in our tray and searched our footwear. After that we were allowed to get dressed unless someone had any ink pens, beverages, lighters, or disposable cameras in which case they all had to be discarded before we could enter.
Once inside multiple camera crews descended on us right away, so we began doing interviews. While doing dialogue with the Channel 4 crew we heard the drums and howling of the commies drawing closer.
As soon as the scum arrived they encircled two ANSWP members that were outside the secured area. Once that happened our whole group rushed back out through the security fencing to help out the two men and to confront the commies.
Once we battled through the outer rabble and got to the center of the disturbance the crowd began to disperse a bit. Then after a lone NSM member started trying to rip the commies banner down things started to heat up again, so the police rushed in with their horses to break things up. After about five or ten minutes of this things subsided and the police ordered us to return to the supporter area or face arrest. At that point rather than going to the Kalamazoo gulags for the weekend we gathered our people and went through another battery of searches and pat downs.
After we all got searched again and returned to the supporter area the rally began. During the course of the event there were four or five incidents involving commies coming into the supporter section and trying to start trouble. Every time though all they did was talk loud enough so the police would kick them out, and also each time they had ample opportunity to get violent but chose not to.
During the entire event we gave nine or ten interviews to various television stations and two interviews to local newspapers, so it was a good day for media exposure.
We left the rally at 2:30 p.m so we could make it back to Cadillac in time for the picnic. As we left the rally we told protesters where we were parked and invited them to meet us there, but mostly because of their cowardice and slightly to do with police presence there wasnt many takers on the offer. We had a few of them who stood across the street (next to the welfare office) trying to speak a form of Ebonics I had never heard before, but that was about it.
We left Kalamazoo a little after 3:00 p.m and headed for the picnic. N.S.M Michigan would like to thank everyone who attended from around Michigan and also the N.S.M Ohio guys. I personally would like to thank all the citizens of Kalamazoo who attended and took our business cards. I salute all of you for having the bravery to show up and demonstrate that you're not afraid to show you are proud of your race, and for proving you are willing to fight to take back your neighborhood.

N.S.M Northern Director


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