Working together

NSM and White Peoples' Party join forces in Reno

It was a cold and windy day here in "the biggest little city" of Reno, Nevada. The clouds were thick and the smell of burning wood lingered in the air as I navigated thru the myriad of city streets, some littered with the homeless and illegal immigrants standing on the streets awaiting their employers to come and select them from this mass of under bathed refuse.

I waved back at the unshaven masses as they tried to get me to pick them up as I drove up Galletti Way towards the State of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.

This was to be the site of the "White Peoples Party" petition signing event. I exited my truck and walked with briefcase in hand to the front doors of the DMV building. The time 10:00am.

The facility was crawling with Hispanic trash sitting on the rails, malingering about talking on their cell phones.

I stood next to the entrance and called Mr. O' Sullivan the leader of the "White Peoples Party" to let him know I had arrived. Soon after I hung up another gentleman dressed in a like black suit stood not far from me. I surveiled him thru my spectacles and noticed him looking at his watch like he was waiting for someone to arrive. After a few moments we talked and this is when I met the new WPP unit leader for Reno, NV.

The traffic flow into this parking lot was getting worse. About 100 cars at least and more pulling in every moment replacing the departing ones.

Soon Mr. O'Sullivan's vehicle pulled up to the front curb and we shook hands. I informed him that I had brought two 72"x30" conference tables and folding chairs to use as a place to hang up their banners and place petition papers and flyers on. We were set up in no time flat.

After this DMV security came around and talked to Mr. O. Building security was a white man who was very polite and supportive of our right to peaceably gather.

Now, we are ready!

Petition boards in hand and asking every white person going in or out of the building "WOULD YOU LIKE TO SIGN A PETITION TO STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND AFFIRMATIVE ACTION."

I was amazed how quickly people started to stop and look at the banners with wide eyes in wild amazement that such a shocking thing was here awaiting their arrival to re-new their driver's license.

As our first customers, two women approached and declared that they were "JEWISH" and that we were "RACIST THUGS!" After short exchanges she went inside while here daughter stood around the gathering area heckling us saying we were illegally gathering names on the petition.

One cowboy came up to me and wanted to sign our rosters and this lady was frothing at the mouth trying to dissuade this man from signing. I looked at him and said "THAT’S OUR NEO-CON HECKLER", he laughed and signed. This lady seeing that she was failing to affect us departed.

As she left the crowds have been standing and driving past these 6-foot long banners and our beginning to get agitated. But we just kept signing people up.

One man of Hispanic mix about 6'6" tall and 230 lbs. goes up to Mr. O' Sullivan and starts to shout him down about how his people just walked up into north America and took it and we had to take a boat from Europe to invade his peoples’ country.

I made the loaded comment, "WHO WAS CORTEZ AND WHOSE BOAT DID HE COME IN?"

At least we knew where we were going!" This man was ripe to explode, then his wife came out and shut him up.

So much for the tough guys.

We just kept on signing. Soon we had 20 signatures in two hours.

Then the DMV building manager came up the steps and took Mr. O'Sullivan and me aside to brief us on building conduct. The standard thing. No blocking the entrance, no blocking the handicap zones or walkways. She was very polite and stated that she had come all the way from home, and also we weren't to solicit DMV employees. This was too late as one black female employee had already came out to heckle me with “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO CALL IT THE WHITE PEOPLES PARTY”, that she belonged to the BLACK PEOPLES PARTY and what did I think of that? I replied, "THAT’S GREAT AT LEAST YOU’RE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!"

She was shocked and hurried away around the corner out of sight.

One white male in Dockers hung around the table area asking questions in an attempt to get us to say something inflammatory. But, this did not happen and he soon got frustrated and also left. It would appear that the opposition doesn't have anything higher than an eighth grade education and are therefore incapable of logical thought.

The wind picked up its pace as our momentum did in the final hour signing up another 10 people on the petition.

We packed up and shook hands with the security officer who had had a watchful eye on the event. Off we went in the mist of the now rainy skies. A quick lunch and back to work we went.

This time it was to the ELKS lodge where Mr. O'Sullivan gave a moving speech on the agenda of the WPP. Outside facing into the street lined our vehicles with the "WPP” placards surprising passers by on one of the most traveled roads in the "biggest little city".

I too gave a speech titled, "RE-BOOTING the SYSTEM" an overview of how the government system is failing due to this mass invasion of savages and the overburdening of the debt to society.

I met the newly appointed WPP unit leader for Northern Nevada and we exchanged contact information and agreed on my further support of their petition signing events in the future.

I myself did not sign their petition as per IAW NSM protocol, but told the new WPP unit leader that I show my support for the WPP by donating my unit’s equipment and my personal time to help gather names.

Overall, this event was a success and showed that we will not be chased away by a bunch of apes or their ringleaders. That we the white people of this nation and the world will come together and bring back that glorious day of victory!



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