This years NSM National Meeting 2007 on April 20th was one of the best to date. Excellent speakers took the stage Friday evening, a large feast was served, a Wedding Ceremony took place, an awards ceremony was held, the newly remodeled NSM meeting hall was unveiled, the NSM announced the aquisition of New Saxon (A Pro-White version of myspace), and National Socialists from all over the U.S. and from as far away as England were present.

On April 21st an early Morning Tribute to NSM's fallen East Coast Director Col. Wild Bill Hoff was held, and many Comrades filled the Hall to pay Tribute to the life of a National Socialist Hero. Rest in Peace Comrade, you are in the Hall of Heros alongside of Commander Rockwell now.

After the Tribute to Col. Hoff we van pooled approx 25 vehicles to the State Capitol in Columbia. The streets were blocked off and the March through downtown began. About 100 people stood up on the steps and marched in solidarity with us, and a number of other supporters stood off to the left in the audience.

The noisy anti-White, and homosexual crowd was mostly herded into a small pen, while a few negros and hecklers were sprinkled amongst the media and bystanders. The media was obviously blind in their biased reporting that opponents outnumbered us.

We had about 100 of us, the anti-whites and queers had maybe 60 to 75 at best, and that is being generous. The Police kept us from marching right towards them, and did not allow the antis to come up onto the steps to meet us, as I suggested. The antis in South Carolina were very weak and small in numbers, furthermore they were almost completely silenced during various speeches by our Comrades. Overall this March was a smashing success.

After the march/rally, we went back to the Hall for the evening concert.

Total War kicked off the night of music with a highly energetic set, and was followed by an excellent set by Definite Hate featuring their new vocalist (who did a great job), the last band was Empire Falls who really got the crowd fired up and moshing until the City curfew was in effect. Despite the fact that Ken from Brutal Attack was deported, the show went on, and a great time was had by all. A tattoo artist was also on hand, and he continued his work into Sunday.

Hail Victory!

Commander Jeff Schoep/ National Socialist Movement


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