Omaha Rally, July 2008

The Rally and Concert in Omaha on July 5th was a great success. Approx. 60 NSM members and supporters rallied in the heart of Omaha's Mexican Ghetto, in front of a business (Thrift World) that hires illegal aliens. Our message of truth came out strong and clear, the counter demonstraters were a slimy gaggle of illegal aliens, and other degenerates. The Mexican gangs that promised to gun us down if we showed up in their ghetto stayed away, and no arrests were made on either side.
After the protest we headed back to NSM Iowa's property for the Stormtroop 16 and Slaghammer Show. The Comrades built 2 large swastikas, which lit up the night sky during Stormtroop 16's set. On behalf of the NSM, I would also like to thank our Comrades from Stormtroop 16 & Slaghammer, not only for playing, but also for attending the Protest. Those guys are true Skinheads, and we thank them for putting their boots in the streets alongside of us. Not to mention Stormtroop 16 can really play, these guys are an awesome live band! One of the guys even played while being sick, an extra Salute out to him for the effort.

A Special announcement was made during a musical break. Brian Holland our Candidate for President announced his Vice Presidential Running mate, Pastor Drew Bostwick of NSM Iowa. A thunderous applause errupted as Pastor Drew accepted the Nomination.

There is so much more that took place, and so many more people to thank. I will just sum it up by thanking NSM Iowa for once again hosting an event on their private property, and every single person that made it out and helped out. The Party Salutes you all.

Pictures of the rally are currently up at  and a link to a news clip. The NSM Radio/TV team is currently working on an on-line video of the event, keep checking back at  for that. The Radio/TV team will also be producing a full length dvd which will be available in the future at  and you can also get Stormtroop 16 or Slaghammer cds at NSM Records. Also check out the bands site at:

Hope to see you all at the next Event.

Commander Jeff Schoep



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