National Socialist Movement Kansas City, Missouri
Rally opposing illegal immigration

- After Action Report -

November 9th, 2013


Every April and November, the National Socialist Movement holds a public rally, meeting and other party related activities in an American city. This time, we chose Kansas City Missouri. As can be expected, city officials cringe at the prospect of our group coming to their town. Often, they resist and impose numerous restrictions, many of them ridiculous, upon us to make our visit as difficult as possible. Despite the issuance of a venomous city council resolution, the N.S.M. was still coming. We were NOT going to back down.

On Friday, November 8, 2013, I attended a meeting at the Kansas City police Department and high ranking police officials weren't the slightest bit bashful about telling us that they were taking it upon themselves to suspend the Constitution of the United States. We put the question to them and they said, "Yes!" This is what happens when a big city police department bows to the corrupt officials in city government. Don't forget, police officers swear an oath to defend the Constitution. In Kansas City, the police are nothing more than corporate mercenaries, who are all too eager to blindly and obediently serve their masters, while stepping on the rights of law abiding citizens.

Come Saturday November 9, 2013, the rally went on, despite strong objections from the Kansas City government, the controlled media, Communists, anarchists and just about every sort of degenerate the leftist could possibly muster. An intense media campaign was launched to wrongly demonize the National Socialist Movement and misstate its' goals and intentions.

The rally got off more than 45 minutes late because of the Kansas City Police Department's obstructionist attitude and the long drawn out process of searching everyone. The police originally were going to forbid us from bringing water bottles and our flags on poles. Believing that matter was worked out, we brought them, only to be hassled over the water bottles. Bending over backwards to keep us (and the counter protesters) from re-hydrating was purely asinine and outright vicious. Let's not forget, time consuming.

Thank the hostile and hateful Kansas City government for their "intolerance". The police also banned camera tripods. The time came and our people gave their speeches. Commander Schoep drove the message home, along with distinguished guests from other organizations, including Aryan Nations and the Traditionalist Youth Movement. Also speaking, was a supporter that emerged from the crowd and Craig Cobb, who recently became the target of the Southern Poverty Law Center's hateful campaign that targeted his desire to form a White community in remote Leith, North Dakota.

One counter protester was arrested, after throwing money towards the N.S.M. lines. Despite the strict security measures, the "anti-racist" hate mongers still found things to throw at us. Remember, the real haters were across the street from us (and inside the Kansas City government).

Following the rally, our motorcade exited the unfriendly city and returned to our hotel. Many of us visited a local dining venue and were well received by the restaurant staff. I was also pleasantly surprised when a couple and their young son stopped by our tables and introduced themselves. Moments earlier, rally organizer and Region 6 director, Buddy Rumble exercised a simple common courtesy and let a woman enter the building before him. Apparently, manners can go a long way. The media masters and their onslaught of propaganda failed to make this family buy the stereotype specially cooked up for them.

No N.S.M. rally would be complete without a swastika lighting. Our ceremony was held outside city limits and despite a local burning ban, the police in this jurisdiction were far more accommodating than the Kansas City Police Department. Using torches, our symbol was illuminated. Our "arrangement" with the local police wasn't completely without condition. We remained peaceful, civil and did not disturb anyone. Upon completion of our ceremony, we mounted up and returned to our hotel.

Once again, the National Socialist Movement conducted a public rally and after event without violence and arrests. Apparently, the Kansas City City Council had us all wrong, when they labeled us a "violent organization".

SS Lt. Harry L. Hughes III
Director, N.S.M. Region 11/N.S.M.-AZ Media Spokesman
N.S.M.-MEDIA Associate Producer



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