'National Conversation on Race'

- After Action Report -

February, 2014



Leadership of the Party was recently invited to attend a historic event that was held in Los Angeles, California earlier. this week. The meeting was billed as "A Conversation On Racial Equality," and was sponsored by a Black Civil Rights activist, James Stern. Party leadership was asked to attend and present the concerns from the pro-White perspective. Representing the Black interests was a panel of various activists that organize within the Black community as well as a public relations and policy adviser for the Black Congressional Caucus. Our host James Stern served as the moderator and facilitator.

I would like to emphasize the truly historic nature of this event, as it is the first time in almost half a century that National Socialist leadership has been asked to engage Black leadership and is the first event of its kind since Commander Rockwell was asked to speak at the Nation Of Islam conference in the 1960's! Also significant was the fact that Black leadership sought us out, and not the leadership of other pro-White groups operating in America today. We were of course honored to be invited and more than willing to participate in a forum such as this where we had the opportunity to sit down with opposition leaders, and discuss issues in a calm and rational manner to see first hand for ourselves what each group was promoting, and try to find areas that we can work together to promote policies that will advance the best interests of our nation and our people.

Our host, Mr. Stern, was an extremely polite and gracious host and treated all of us with the utmost in respect, and did not engage in any form of name calling or attempts to slight us for our views, in spite of the fact that he clearly disagrees with us on a number of basic issues. His entire entourage was a very polite, and (pardon the inadvertent pun) colorful group in themselves, and at no time were we made to feel uncomfortable in any way.

It was somewhat of a change for us not to be the ones having the burden of making arrangements and finding venues and setting out security details, and we were more than happy to watch Mr. Stern have to deal with these types of logistical problems that we are all too familiar with. He did a great job overall and will be even more aware moving forward of what it is to engage the NSM publicly.

The morning of the event we picked up at the hotel by our host and his entourage, and we made our way to the selected venue which was an upscale restaurant in Beverly Hills. We had received intel that some Communist/ Anarchist groups were planning on counter demonstrating against us. This of course is just another day in the office for us., but I do not think our hosts were expecting any issues and were a bit unprepared for what they were about to experience.

Almost as soon as we arrived smelly, unbathed, self-proclaimed Communists showed up with signs and a bull horn and began their usual mindless ravings on about evil Nazi's, fascists, etc. to which no one was paying any attention. It is ironic indeed that those that claim to represent free speech and equality on the Left seem to feel that you should only these rights if you agree with their views.

Several of the panel members from the Black entourage went outside and spoke to them, and it was quite funny to see these brainwashed liberals getting a tongue lashing from the panel members. They told them point-blank we were invited and that they did not need their help in defending their people, and that they were the ones standing in the way of progress -- not the NSM. There are a number of groups and individuals that are profiteering from and promoting a political agenda from the status quo, and it should be of note that it is the Left that was attempting to derail efforts at cooperation between our people.

We all moved inside, and began to attempt to proceed forward with talks but the anarchists began beating on the doors and windows of the establishment and conducting themselves with typical behavior of anarchists who stand only for chaos and lawlessness. The owner became concerned about his security and told us how hard it was for a Black man to get a business in this exclusive section and simply did not need the trouble so we out of respect for him agreed to relocate to another venue and attempt to defuse the situation. It was quite humorous in some ways as there were at most a dozen and a half protesters and they could have been easily driven off, but our hosts probably had no experience in dealing with these types and simply wished to avoid a confrontation.

We then entered the vehicles again and relocated to a different conference location and set about accomplishing what we came there to do. Our hosts quickly set up and we began in earnest to meet with the press and soon sat down to the table and begin discussions with the panel about various issues presented by members of the press as well as the panel themselves. Mr. Stern did a great job of moderating and keeping the responses and questions steered in the right direction.

Members from the pro Black side expressed concerns over many things, and presented us a solid set of observations and viewpoints. We countered with a number of indisputably documented facts and our own set of concerns. It was at times a spirited debate, but that was to be expected by groups who are in many ways diametrically opposed.

I honestly do not think they were prepared to meet such a level of opposition from us as our talking points are well laid out and well documented. While previous discussions have to many times been a case of Blacks talking at us instead to us, I think all went away with a new point of view that we entering a new phase in race relations in America. Thankfully, I believe we are witnessing the end of the era of White acquiescence to Black demands and they are starting to understand that there will be no meaningful progress without including the pro White groups in discussions.

Panel members came away with a new sense that we truly are a political and civil rights force and are a real departure from previous organizations and we have legitimate concerns that need to be addressed. We came away with a new found respect of our hosts for having the courage to engage us in spite of opposition within their own groups as well as hopefully making them understand that we have learned from their examples in organizing and leadership on behalf of our respective groups.

As we wrapped up the conference with some photos we had a chance to speak candidly off camera with panel members and discovered we really have a number of mutual areas that we can work cooperatively on. From the conference venue we moved into back to back live radio talk shows that were aired all across the greater Los Angeles area that went very well and again our side acquitted themselves well on the air and many went away with a different view than the perhaps pre conceived notion of who we are and what we represent.

I would like to make it clear to all of our members and supporters that we in no way will sacrifice the basic principles that we stand on and seek no compromise with those that stand in the way of us achieving our stated goals of advancing the pro-White cause.

This conference opened a dialogue in a national level audience for us, and has allowed us to put forth our program to a huge listening base. The massive media exposure will only aid us in spreading our doctrine which will indeed have immediate short term benefits to all Americans regardless of race. The promotion of an America first policy is desperately needed and the immediate expulsion of the pro-globalist forces is a goal that all who love this nation can stand behind.

Again, my thanks to our host and all who participated in this historic event on both sides of the issues and we look forward to engaging the Black leadership in the future and let us keep this momentum going in our search to find real solutions to the problems that face us as people and a Nation!

Commander Schoep



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