The BBC tours the infamous Vekol Valley with the NSM

- After Action Report -

Friday, December 16, 2011

In advance of our upcoming anti drug and human smuggling operation planned for late January 2012, a producer and camera crew from the BBC Channel 3, London toured the Vekol Valley with the National Socialist Movement. Five members, a supporter and canine Bailey assembled at my home on this crisp and cool morning despite short notice and it being a work day. Prior to embarking, I conducted my usual safety and "rules of engagement" briefing. Afterward, we traveled a back route frequently used by drug smugglers that transport loads of marijuana to "stash" houses in my neighborhood. Many of these homes were recently raided in October's Operation Pipeline Express.

Our destination was Interstate 8 on the Maricopa/Pinal County line. This area has been called one of the most dangerous pieces of real estate between Phoenix and Mexico. During the last two years, this particular area has been the site of multiple shootings, murders of Mexican nationals and extensive law enforcement manhunts.

During our drive to the "A.O." (Area Of Operation), I observed a Pinal County public works vehicle, a PCSO deputy and a BLM ranger parked on the northbound shoulder of Ralston Road, just north of SR 84. Apparently, the road crew discovered items, including black colored water jugs left behind by illegal aliens.

Frequently, the presence of trash (clothing, bottles, blankets) usually indicates that the illegal aliens were picked up and are more than likely long gone and possibly being held for ransom at a drop house in Phoenix. I drove home the point that this illegal trade is an "industry" of exploitation. Often, illegal aliens/immigrants find themselves worse off in the United States than they were in Mexico.

Upon arriving at our destination, myself, ST Julia Smith and ST Randy Smith gave interviews as to how we and the NSM felt about the border situation in Arizona. I focused on drugs, human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children as being reasons why the border should be secured. I emphasized that we were here to observe and report unlawful activities and that we were NOT vigilantes taking the law into our own hands. It was ST Randy Smith and ST Julia Smith's first time in front of the camera. I'm very pleased to report that they performed well above my normally high expectations.

The close proximity to Interstate 8 was why this area was so popular among drug and human traffickers. Our interstate highway system connects every state and major city in the country. Illegal drugs are able to be ordered and shipped to customers with the almost same efficiency as Fed EX and UPS. After their capture, drug smugglers and cartel members have actually bragged about this.

I also described the detrimental environmental and agricultural (cattle ranching) impacts of this flow of illegal traffic through the desert. As part of NSM-AZ's desert operations, we collect and recycle trash illegal aliens leave behind. Yes, the NSM has gone "green". During 2011, the Arizona Unit collected over 2000 pounds of trash. Today, we collected and removed eight bicycles left behind by illegal aliens. I'll be taking them to the local recycling center this weekend.

In addition to patrolling for unlawful activities, I explained that we offer humanitarian aid in the form of water and first aid to anyone that needs it. Again, I pointed out that securing the border would relieve our country (and even Mexico) of many problems. It would also help end the cruel exploitation of our neighbors to the south that are duped by greedy criminals into paying to come here for "a better life" only to find themselves abused, assaulted, robbed, held hostage or sold into prostitution. We cannot move forward until the border is secured first.

As usual, ST Thora Jaeger, did an excellent job, juggling several cameras and taking the majority of the still photos on this outing. In the photographs, you will notice the tractor trailer trucks and our closeness to Interstate 8. It takes drug and human smugglers only a few seconds to load their cargo (whether it drug or human) and drive away.

Last, but certainly not least, NSM-AZ's Security, Administrative and Personnel Specialist SGT Sepp Dietrich, "watched our six" (covered our backs) during the interviews. Sepp's wife also participated and was kind enough to greet the BLM Rangers that passed by our position. Due to previous NSM events,patrols and public awareness, there's a "stepped up" law enforcement presence in the Sonoran Desert National Monument.

I'm sure the BBC was somewhat caught off guard by the diverse group of people that make up our unit.

SSGT Harry L. Hughes III
NSM-AZ Executive Officer/Media Spokesman
NSM-MEDIA Associate Producer



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