League Conference in Wetumpka, Alabama

- After Action Report -

July, 2018

The National Socialist Movement supported the League of the South National Conference in Wetumpka AL this year at the beautiful (very secure), Southern Culture Center. The event was hosted by The League of the South Alabama State Unit. The NSM including Commander Schoep, Chief of Staff Burt Colucci, as well as others from around the country were well received by our allies and have participated in all types of joint operations together. Not only that, but our photography and video expertise was called upon by the League when they put on a flash demonstration at the nearby Edmund Pettus bridge. This is the infamous bridge known for its role in Black rioting and civil unrest of the 60s.

Photo and video was presented during the conference, (courtesy of our very own assistant Chief Erin). Media for the event itself was coordinated and headed up by Sonny Thomas, who is not only co-broadcasting with the NSM but is a friend and ally to us. Our members and allies heard from various inspiring speakers, many of whom are published authors. A few note worthy speakers included Dr. David Duke, Jim Edwards and speeches given by League Founder/Chairman Dr. Michael Hill, Chief of Staff Ike Baker also spoke as well as Mr. Tubbs. Awards were given for valor in last year's Charlottesville Rally by Dr. Hill himself. All were well deserved and earned by all.

Even though our adversaries thought we got rained out, the event took place from the comfort of a beautiful air-conditioned building.

We are also proud to say one of our members actually won a raffle for a WW2 German Mauser Rifle. NSM members also attended a Blot (Odinist Ritual) held for those interested Sat evening and a prayer meeting likewise hosted for those interested on Sunday . We had the unique opportunity to celebrate Dr. Dukes upcoming Birthday at the end of the conference and wish him a happy Birthday as well. The NSM would just like to thank the League of the South for their invitation and inclusion in this fantastic event. As always they are excellent hosts, friends and allies to the NSM as well as it's membership. We look forward to many future events and demonstrations with the League of the South. HAIL VICTORY!

Sergeant Kynan Dutton / NSM
Tennessee State Unit Leader



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