- After Action Report -

May, 2017

On Sunday May 7, 2017 Members of the National Socialist Movement gave their support to Dr. Michael Hill and the League of the South. This was to Defend and Protest the Removal of Confederate Monuments at Lee Circle and three other places in downtown New Orleans, LA. Other groups supporting this cause were Oath Keepers, Klan, Militia Groups and dozen and dozens of private citizens. In all over one hundred and twenty persons attended the NOLA Event. At one point Police brought in bomb sniffing dogs because of a threat against the Lee Monument and our group. ​​

Later in the afternoon hundreds of Antifa and other Communists arrived at Lee Circle trying to counter our protest. We held our ground even being outnumbered three to one. This was a very successful event to deter the U.S. Government, State and Local Governments from trying to remove and rewrite History.

Captain Butch Urban
NSM Chief of Staff

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