NSM 4th Regional / Nationalist Front

- After Action Report -

July, 2017

On Saturday, July 8th, the NSM 4th Regional meeting was held in east Tennessee. The first part of this event was a cooperative effort between Nationalist Front members and the NSM. My thanks to Chairman Matt Heimbach for getting the venue for the event as well as his efforts in coordinating with the various groups in attendance.

A broad based coalition assembled at a local venue on private property and it is truly amazing to see the increasing levels of coordination and cooperation between NF member organizations.
Detractors of this alliance have predicted that this alliance would be dead within a year and we have not only proved them wrong but this alliance has grown stronger than anyone could have imagined just a year ago.

There were a number of speakers present to cover various projects and goals for the year as well as joint activism and ways to increase coordination between groups. Capt. Brian Culpepper of the NSM opened up with a welcome statement to the various groups in attendance and report on NSM activities across the 4th Region, Chairman Heimbach of the TWP gave an articulate and motivating speech on the current socio/political conditions that exist in America today and the need for increased cooperation as well. The League Of The South representative delivered a message to the group on behalf of Dr. MIchael Hill himself and reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening the alliance with NF members as well.

Leadership from the local C 28 chapter was on hand and discussed plans for a new Regional MMA fight alliance which will not only strengthen cohesion between groups at the local level but will give local activists a much needed training venue and we welcome the C 28 into the group.
Johnny Monoxide from The Right Stuff was on hand and spoke about current conditions in America as well.

  Attendance was great with dozens of patriots on hand. The atmosphere was relaxed and the meeting was extremely productive. This was not the usual “ meet and greet” scenario, situation reports were delivered on projects already underway and concrete plans laid for many more upcoming projects.

  After the public venue was completed, NSM 4th Regional members and leadership retired to a separate private venue to discuss internal Party matters and deliver situation reports on project specific items at the local and regional level. There was food and beverage on site in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. My thanks to the NSM members in attendance and it is your efforts that are making the 4th Region a success.

My thanks also to the many in attendance and all who have made the NF alliance such a huge success. It was a pleasure meeting the new members and folk for the first time and always great to see old friends and Comrades. As we continue to ride the wave of rising Nationalist sentiment, let us remember that we are all bound by the ties of racial kinship and if we fail to unite, the enemies of our people will be the only ones who benefit. Hail Victory !!



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