N.S.M. Arizona December Meeting and Yule Celebration

- Report -

December 15, 2012

The December 15, 2012, N.S.M. Arizona December Meeting and Yule Celebration was an enjoyable mix of light-to-moderate rain, delicious Texas style pulled pork, some libation, and a bonding with the presence and memories of those past and present! As comrades who had known each other in the fight for White Civil rights in several organizations over time (the largest chunk of which being in the N.S.M.), we caught up with each other, as well as with the antics of comrades past and present. For this special event, members, registered supporters and friends from Arizona and California were present.

1st. Sgt. K.J. made sure everyone had DVD copies of "Triumph 2010." This is routinely given to all N.S.M. Arizona personnel upon acceptance. The presentation painstakingly removed all scratches and bad edits from the version available from NSM88 Records, as well as other minor `aesthetic' decisions. (This edition is available on an `unofficial,' yet complementary basis from NSM Media by contacting 1st. Sgt. K.J. at N.S.M. Arizona.) A DVD of recent N.S.M. Arizona YouTube presentations was also provided to those not having ready access to the internet.

A continued flow of ideas and validation of Cpl. Kory's anticipated new role in California also flowed freely. Everyone is confident of this enlargement of duties to go forward, as well as his leadership abilities to encompass our goals! By the way, N.S.M. Arizona is pleased to be the new 'depository' for the N.S.M. Rally Shields!

1st. Sgt. K.J. then focused the group on the last formal Learning Module, "Staff Training." Several attendees were interactively involved by reading information taken from a power point presentation, while 1st. Sgt. K.J. elaborated.

After a break, everyone enjoyed Texas style pulled pork sandwiches provided by SS Lt. H. Hughes and ST. T. Jaeger. A few members brought a small sampling of `beverages' to keep spirits light. Speaking of lights, we lit not only a bonfire between intermittent rains, but also managed (with continued, innovative White thinking) to light a Swastika as well! Towards the end of the evening, 1st. Sgt. K.J. provided a moving tribute to ST. Zach, a party member and Stormtrooper from Scotland, who had settled in America. [Yes, 1st. Sgt. K.J. had to down a ‘beverage' to continue.] ST. Zach had endured a LOT.

Being a paramedic and HazMat technician as well as teacher of related courses at a nearby university, ST. Zach was never any stranger to anti-white prejudice by various ethnic minorities. In fact, for a while, his security clearance to work with ambulance companies was temporarily stripped of him, largely due to the actions of his `relatives.' Additionally, because of his pro-white tattoos, Black and Hispanic fellow professional medical personnel would routinely treat him with ill-concealed rudeness.

During our November meeting, we had been shocked and greatly saddened to hear from his roommate and registered supporter, B. Cook, that ST. Zach had succumbed to cancer. 1st. Sgt. K.J. was himself visibly taken aback by this pronouncement during the meeting, as were all in attendance.

Various parts of ST. Zach's membership process were interrupted due to his failing health. Holding it together, 1st. Sgt. K.J. put a reprint of ST. Zach's membership certificate into the fire, while others kicked in a beverage can, or sprinkled a few drops of whatever they were drinking into the fire, amid the prerecorded version of Amazing Grace. We admire his sacrifices and will remember his deeds.

Upon leaving this bitter-sweet event, many mused that other ethnic groups probably would not even bother with such commemoration of a comrade. Unit Executive Officer S. Sgt. S. Dietrich ironically observed that if this were a `gang-banger's' funeral, that shots might be fired! SS Lt. Hughes echoed current political affairs by stating that if this were a Mexican funeral (particularly in south Phoenix); many of those in attendance would probably be shot up!

Requests for promotions much be in to 1st. Sgt. K.J. by Feb 1, 2013 – preferably by the member making the request. A sum of $18 was collected to help cover unit expenses. Our next meeting date and location is TBA.

1st. Sgt. K.J.
N.S.M.- Arizona Unit Leader




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