NSM Town Hall Meeting in Leith, ND.

- After Action Report -

Sept. 22nd, 2013


On Sept. 22nd, 2013 we held a Town Hall meeting in Leith, North Dakota in support and defense of Craig Cobb and his noble efforts. Hundreds of people came to the small town in response to the Town Hall meeting. It was shocking to see the vast majority of the counterdemonstraters who opposed us were bussed in from local American Indian reservations. Some reports claim nearly 200 Indians were amongst the opposition. This was very surprising to us considering the Indians have their reservations which serve as sovereign Nations, and are self governed, and amongst their own people on those reservations. The NSM has never opposed the sovereign rights of the American Indian population, in fact when the issue has come up we have always said we would honor the treaties if we were in control of the Federal Government, therefore it was certainly a surprise to see so many Indians, so hypocritically opposing White efforts to have a homeland or place of our own. One Indian leader was even quoted in the news stating that the Aryan man is dying off, and they were pleased about that. One has to wonder if the communists and their allies in the ara whom are weak in the area used the Indian population and stirred up this hate on the reservations to boost their opposition, knowing very well that our efforts are not heavily opposed by the general white population in the State. International attention has now been brought to the efforts in Leith, which by our standards is exactly what Craig Cobb and The National Socialist Movement wanted.

The scene in the town of Leith was a site to see. NSM Flags, and other Nationalist Flags were flying throughout the Town and on many of the lots owned by our Folk. This is not something you see everyday, and perhaps the first time we have seen our flags flying all over in a town. A sign of things to come White America! Those coming into the Town Hall meeting were treated by Jimmy Marr playing traditional bagpipes, and what a beautifull sound that was echoing through the town.

The day was a success, the Town Hall meeting was held and went off without any major problems. The current Mayor chose not to attend the Town Hall meeting, which was an excercise in futility on his part. Some people choose to live life in a comfortable bubble instead of learning about things they may just not understand, which is unfortunate. The meeting went on for a couple of hours, with only a couple of minor disruptions, and as we promised everyone in the Town Hall, anyone acting up, shouting, or being disrespectfull would be ejected from the hall, and thats exactly what happened to a couple of individuals. There was alot of community interaction with many questions being asked and answered, which we believe was highly productive. We met a good number of residents from surrounding communities, and met many people from the area who support and approve of our efforts. A number of people also expressed interest in joining the NSM, which will be great for our efforts in the area. The Town Hall meeting was highly effective, and just the start of our future efforts in the community.

On Monday, Sept. 23rd we went to the Grant County Courthouse to file our property deed with the county, which is now completed.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, it was an honor to meet all the supporters, and make new friends in the area. Thank you to Craig Cobb for inviting us, and for his valient efforts to make a reality out of something so many others just TALK about in theory. Thank you and salutes to the NSM for answering the call to the frontlines once again, where ever the frontlines are, we are there! 

Pictures, video footage, etc will be released soon. NSM Media filmed the town hall meeting, and may release a dvd of that as well.

Here are some links from the mainstream news media and their take on the event.



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