NSM Florida

- After Action Report -

December 11th, 2010

The week of the 11th started off with a bang. First let me set the stage. The morning started with fog and mist and it was cold for Florida. We had people come from all over Florida and a member from Charleston, South Carolina. We met up in Brooksville to start our protest of illegal aliens in the State of Florida. We began at the corner of Cortez blvd and US41. We were pleased to see a wide variety of support from many passing motorists, even elderly ladies passed by and gave us thumbs up, and the straight arm salutes. We had approximately 15 cars that did not approve, out of the hundreds or thousands that passed most people approved and honked at our signs. As we returned to our cars another Pro-White group came over to show their support and thanked us. We thank them for their Comradeship.

After the successful picket, we continued our efforts on behalf of the Party, and passed out several hundred NSM flyer's in the local area.

Later on, after the picket/protest, and the leaflet distribution we had an after rally party at Member Tony's home. I have to thank Tony for all of his effort and hard work. The people that showed up that did not belong to the NSM filled out applications and plan to join our ranks. With five new probates signing on in one day, we predict the Florida ranks will continue to be the vanguard on the front lines here in the South East. Like the motto goes (Where ever the NSM goes the NSM grows) Florida is on the move! We plan to have a monthly demonstrations all over Florida and Georgia. Once again, as state leader I want to thank all that came. For those who plan on coming to our future events contact NSMTampabay@gmail.com

The National Socialist Movement will soon be coming to a neighborhood location near YOU!

NSM Florida State Leader




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