Memphis Rally - Solidarity

- After Action Report -

March 30, 2013



We have just returned from Memphis, TN. from a rally sponsored by the Loyal White Knights. The purpose of the rally was in response to the City council plans to rename the Park named after Civil War Hero Nathan Bedford Forrest, in the name of rewriting history and political correctness run amok. The City of Memphis braced for the possibility of riots instead of telling the city council to work on real issues focusing on the betterment of the City, they concentrated on what could be done to contain the rally and bury the history of the City and disrespect the Forrest family.

In despite of the rain, approximately 75 or more Patriots gathered together from various different groups in solidarity for a good cause. The speeches started with Imperial Wizard Steven from the North MS. White Knights who really fired things up, expect many more great things to come from these guys! The second and third speeches came from The NSM with Commander Schoep and Capt. McBride slamming the hammer to the anvil from Detroit. The next speaker was from The Virginia Grand Dragon of the LWK, we have heard him speak before and he can deliver, a truly talented speaker! Up next was Ryan from Aryan Nations who did a great job and paved the way for the rest of the dedicated men who spoke on behalf of the Klan groups. The NSM would like to thank all of our members, the new prospects, and supporters that showed up to represent the NSM at this event. We provided a few more than I expected with Atlanta's National Event just a few weeks away! After the work was done for the rally many of us attended a Cross Lighting Ceremony on private land, this was a first for some of the people in attendance. Those of you whom have never participated in one are really missing out.

The title of this after action report is solidarity because it has been a while since we have seen true solidarity and cooperation between so many White groups for one event. I myself have attended many White Patriot events over the years, from Klan, to conservative, to concerts, to NSM events, and everything in between, however this was different, and different in a good way. Representing the respected groups were members of the Loyal White Knights, National Socialist Movement, North Mississippi White Knights, Aryan Nations, a couple of other Klan groups, a Motorcycle club, and if there were others I missed we salute you as well. All of our groups have respective differences in tactics, politics, sometimes Religion, or other disagreements, however this event has proven we can come together when duty calls. Each of the groups were respective to everyone and pledges were made amongst us all to continue working together, and to drive out anyone whom attempts to drive wedges or create friction between Pro-White groups. The enemies of our Folk have spent decades propping up fake groups, sending in informants or traitors whose sole purpose is to destroy and weaken the White Resistance in this Nation. They will continue to send scum in against us, but understand this, the Movement is strengthened, united, and we will drive out every traitor who dares to stand against us. It does not matter if the brother or sister next to us is wearing an NSM Patch, serving in the Klan, Aryan Nations, Skinhead group, motorcycle club, or whichever White group your loyalty is with, you are either with us or against us! Solidarity in action was practiced this past weekend and is being developed into future cooperation, the greatest fear and nightmare of the enemies of our Folk is becoming a reality.

I would like to personally thank the North MS. White Knights for hosting the Sacred Lighting and having us as your guests, we know it was a great honor to participate and we salute you. Thank you once again to The Loyal White Knights whom we know well and have the greatest respect for, you all have been tremendous allies in this fight and truly set an example for other groups to follow. Salutes and thanks to all the NSM and everyone else we met and your pledges of solidarity as we all move forward in this fight together.

In closing, there is so much more to say, and so many others who deserve mentioning, however time is short and we are now looking towards Atlanta for the NSM National event on April 19th and 20th. See you on the Front lines!

Commander Jeff Schoep
National Socialist Movement




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