NSM National Meeting & Rally - Atlanta, GA

- After Action Report -

April 19, 2013


The NSM 2013 National Meeting in Atlanta was held April 19th. The highly anticipated and well attended event went off without a hitch and featured many excellent speakers. NSM members and guests attended from as far away as Europe, and from all over the U.S. NSM Georgia and NSM Region 3 did a great job organizing and setting up the event, and each one of the speakers delivered hammering home the message of National Socialism and Party matters that will improve and lay the ground work for our continued success here in the Nation. The meeting was held in the City of Atlanta, despite alleged and implied threats from Antifa, ARA, and other assorted anarchist and communist groups. These groups openly gave out the location and address of our meeting hall online in hopes of mobilizing enough degenerates to face us. The opposition did not dare to advance on us in Atlanta. Despite their online claims, or should I say lies about of shutting down our meeting it was completely unopposed, not one protester, not even any anarchists getting beaten with chairs like when they dared to face us in New Jersey two years ago. We will be releasing video, dvds, and pictures shortly from both the National Meeting and the Rally at the Capitol. One cowardly act by antifa against an NSM Organizer's car did take place, a group of masked cowards creeped into the parking lot as NSM Security was changing shifts, broke a car window and swiftly scampered away like diseased rats. The car window has been repaired, and our opposition proved once again how truly weak and cowardly they are by targeting a mans car and running away. These are the same people who are so brave hiding behind Police lines at our rallies, but when they know where our events are held and have no police protection they vandalize property and run away.

The following day (April 20th) was the March and Rally at the Georgia State Capitol in Downtown Atlanta. Permits were secured for use of the State Capitol, and our best PA system was brought in from the West Coast to make sure we would be heard over the counter demonstrators. The Loyal White Knights arrived to assist in the march and rally, and joined forces with us again as before in Charlotte, Frankfort, and Memphis. Solidarity between different White Patriot groups despite differences is rising and will continue as agreed upon. The fight for our Race and Nation is far more important than whatever differences the various groups have between them. It was stated in the National Meeting the night before that any individual or group standing in the way of activism, solidarity, and cooperation is to be considered hostile to White interests, and we stand by that. You are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem, and one day will be dealt with accordingly.

In preparation for the rally, a number of people stayed behind to watch over the additional cars and meeting hall due to the incident the night before. A team of armed NSM and Klan Security were posted at the Parking garage downtown instead of attending the rally at the Capitol. It should be noted that the NSM does not ask for Police to march with us, or watch our vehicles, we filed proper permits for use of the Capitol, and Police corded off a section across the street for the crowd. Our forces had to be split between the actual march and rally, the parking garage, and the meeting hall due to handling all of our own security. The NSM and Klan security team posted at the parking garage reported engaging a group of anti's who were sneaking around the parking garage with black bandanas, whom were dispatched without any violence or vandalism. Those of you who are new to street activism should take note, when dealing with Antifa/anarchist forces the biggest concern is watching over your vehicles! The opposition is weak and not suited for direct confrontation against grown men, but they will readily attack lone activists, or cars to cause vandalism. As we neared the Capitol on our march we could hear the screaming, cursing, and drums of our opposition pounding. The rules for the State Capitol grounds included no cursing, racial slurs, etc. basically its simple rules meaning everyone can have freedom of speech minus the vulgarity. The first thing you heard from the opposition is absolute hatred for the handful of Police that were stationed at the Capitol, they were screaming death to the police and death to the nazi's. I reminded the anarchist scum during my speech that they would not do well if the Police were not at the rally for their protection, not to mention their hatred of the police which happened to come from all different Racial backgrounds was very interesting. The assorted mob protesting held signs calling for death, violence, chants for violence against the White Patriots and also against the Police. One protester held a white doll in a noose, and another jewish protester held a baking pan with a threat written in the pan saying it was for cooking Nazi babies. The enemies of America were a weak, degenerate, and disgusting bunch in Atlanta. There was no area for supporters to stand in, therefore what often happens is, the peace and love people are mixed in with the violent anarchists and reds, and supporters and people from the white community who just want to hear what is being said are stuck there as well. A number of supporters in the audience contacted us right away after the event, and we had met with a couple of them. NSM Georgia is meeting with additional supporters this week. Our allies in the audience said they could clearly hear our PA system and the speeches, which at some events in the past has been an issue, therefore the message of National Socialism came through loud and clear to those who wished to hear it!

Both the 2013 NSM National Meeting and the Rally at the State Capitol were productive and well received. We would like to thank everyone who attended, participated, and did their part at making this event a success. We salute you! 

Commander Jeff Schoep
National Socialist Movement


It has been said that inside of every liberal is a totalitarian just screaming to get out. Perhaps it can also be said that inside of every Zionist is lurking a genocidal sociopath. I came to that conclusion during the latest NSM rally in Atlanta, Georgia on April 20th.

There are two things you can count on for nationals each year: meeting with a dinner on Friday and street action on Saturday. What you can't always count on is a solid response from the antis. I got in to Atlanta on the previous night before the big meeting. As I pulled up on my bike, I was challenged by a few members of NSM Texas who were already on watch at the motel. Once they realized who I was, greetings were exchanged.

Friday was a long day of running into old friends and relatively new ones. If the NSM was just a social network of like minded National Socialist, it would stand on just that alone easily. There were members and supporters from as far away as Austria, Italy and the social-Marxist state of California.

The meal was catered by a local Italian restaurant. The food was excellent but I felt a sense of irony since myself and Harry Hughes had eaten there for lunch earlier and paid out the nose for the fine food. Now there was tons of it since the NSM always seems to order about twice as much as needed. This has been the case since the big rally in Valley Forge where the food ran out early. Ever since then, food seems to be ordered for double the amount of people registered for an event such as a dinner or meeting.

One of our watches spotted some vandalism during his patrol and rushed inside to tell the head of the SS, Mike S. The vandalism was done by the antis who seemed to have lost their nerve after their failed attempt to run the NSM out of Trenton New Jersey a while back. Now it seems their attacks had become feeble vandalism against unguarded property. A little goes a long way when putting fear into the rich kids, leaving them with their anti-white slogans, cardboard signs and noise makers. In all, the incident only occupied the time of Mike and a few of his SS men, but dealing with such matters is their job anyway. The owner of the vehicle had full coverage insurance and quickly had the vehicle repaired.

The theme of the meeting was assigning the right individuals to the right jobs. There were a lot of promotions handed out, the right people at the right jobs. Commander Schoep gave a great speech which will soon be available on video. He gave an interesting history on his early activism and stressed the importance of communication within the party and to new recruits.

The night ended up with everyone hardly being able to sleep in anticipation of the rally. Making yourself settle down and get rest can be a challenge when so much is going on around you. The next day was filled with classes and workshops. Attendance was good and I hope there are a lot more of that format in the future. Many new long term strategies and different strategies were discussed. The classes were a great idea and my hat goes off to those who organized them.

I was part of the team assigned to set up the PA ahead of time. Already a handful of protesters were starting to congregate on a street corner. I know for sure that they weren't supporters of ours since our people don't drape themselves with Israeli flags. After fighting the Atlanta traffic, we were in no mood for them.

The Atlanta police were very friendly and helpful. Few times have any police departments ever been rude to us but though rare, it has happened enough that we appreciate hospitality. The dozen or so antis had every opportunity to jump our three man team but declined. Typical.

There was one who stuck in my head more than the rest though. He had a baking pan with a sign glued to the inside saying "just the right size for your Nazi babies." He held this up with his Israeli flag worn like a cape. I was impressed with the honesty of this jew. He harbored a fantasy about killing white children and felt comfortable enough with it to make a sign to declare his wishes. My attitude towards him was the same as my attitude towards jewish gun control: come try it. Come and fight, jew. No more hiding behind others and turning people against one another.

Pretty soon the convoy showed up and the NSM and KKK allies assembled in the parking garage. Once again, the antis didn't dare come near us. This was true too when we marched through the antis on our way to the capitol building. It was the usual rabble of gutter punks, fat jews, wafer thin emos and assorted blacks screaming profanities between unintelligible speech. The thicker the police got, the louder the antis became, now confident that they were under the protection of law enforcement.

It was pleasing to see that there were a roughly even number of supporters as antis though none classed in the protest section, which has been known to happen frequently. There is nothing funnier than a crowd of antis screaming that they'd kill us if there wasn't a 3 foot tall barricade while a few people with NSM and white nationalist tee shirts stand a couple of feet away.

The speeches were great and didn't slow up even when a protester was arrested for a vulgar sign and resisting arrest. This was all the media reported on since they don't like showing America just how even the odds are between NS, white nationalists and jewish supremacist and their flunkies. Except for the arrest of the screaming hysterical protester, there was little said about the rally and even fewer photos. But true to type, the media left out how the greasy lesbian and her profane sign had taken a swing on the cops after they took her sign. She fought and continued to fight the cops all the way down the street. If the shoe had been on the other foot, we would all be in a paddy wagon. Claiming the cops attacked her almost randomly is a outright lie. It will be on youtube sooner or later and you can see for yourself!

The rally went off without a hitch with the antis cautiously following us down the street but cowardly refusing to enter the parking garage with us. Instead they crowded on the sidewalk trying to get their nerve up. One girlish looking anti with a beard and dreadlocks started trying to spit up onto the second level but instead the spit just landed back on himself and the other jewish shills. Too funny.

We left having accomplished everything we set out to do. The after-party was great and we all sat around trading war stories until the wee hours. Not a bad run, fellas! Let's do it again sometime.

Sergei Milankovic





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