Washington State NSM

- After Action Report -

January 1st, 2011

Washington State NSM member Nathan Goncalves and several local area supporters met along the side of Hwy 14 in 27 degree weather outside of member's hometown on New Year's Day to hold signs, and talked to several interested passers by.

Lo and Behold, three sheriff's deputies pulled up on us, and that brought even more attention.  Members stood their ground and calmly explained who the NSM is, and what we believe; and that is that we are a group fighting for White civil rights, and opposed to open borders, foreign wars for Israel; against the offshoring of American jobs to people that hate us, and a demand to an end to big corporate and banker bailouts.

The officers were then invited to check out our main website, and to become supporters of the National Socialist cause.

It was a great response. The NSM and Nationalists movements around the world are gaining ground everyday.

Get off the fence like I finally did and become a part of it, it's a great feeling and the fear of exposure has truly been an illusion.  The reaction is not only overwhelmingly positive, the recognition factor has only opened doors for me.

In Washington State? Contact me at nsmwa.state@gmail.com with any questions about the NSM today!

ST. Nathan Goncalves
Washington State NSM




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