NSM March in Charlotte

- After Action Report -

Saturday, Novemer 10th, 2012

- Photos -

Comrades, We have just returned from a highly productive march and rally in Charlotte, NC. The turnout at this event from our side was even better attended than our April 2012 National Meeting in Frankfort, KY. Showcasing the growth of The National Socialist Movement, and our forward momentum in the South. Our opposition, the ara, communists, anarchists, occupy movement squaters, and other assorted far left groups including a Latino pro-illegal immigrant group who dressed as clowns came out to scream and make noise in a vile attempt to shout down our message. The ara/anarchists claimed the NSM would be run out of Charlotte, not be able to stay in the City, or hold a meeting or event. The ara and anarchists claimed to have chased another White Seperatist group out of Charlotte last year, cancelling their meeting ,and allegedly ruining their event. They vowed they would do the same thing to the NSM. The National Socialist Movement does not get chased, or ran out of any town! We control the streets, and proved this once again in Charlotte.

Friday evening, November 9th, Party members gathered to honor our martyrs and those who have fallen in battle. Various subjects were covered during the meeting, new appointments, internal business, strengthening the Party, discipline in the ranks, and things we can improve. This meeting was not filmed, Party Leaders have been directed to share what was discussed, and bring it back to the frontlines of the Organization to further strengthen the internal structure of the Party.

Saturday afternoon November 10th, NSM members, supporters, and our friends from the Loyal White Knights of the KKK gathered in Charlotte to prepare for the March. We carpooled to a parking lot in downtown Charlotte, and marched several blocks with no Police, and almost no opposition in sight. We arrived at the Old City Hall where a few of our guys had already set up the PA system. Our opposition was waiting for us in clown costumes, alongside of the usual assorted commie and anarchist scum. Our speeches soon were underway with the counter protesters very close to the rally. Excellent speakers from both the NSM and Klan represented the White Rights struggle and did a fantastic job. After a couple of hours the event was drawing to a close, we formed up and began the march back to the parking lot. The Police followed on the march back, as did the noisy counterprotestors. Several of the very dirty counterprotesters (apparently squatters left over from the occupy movement) started laying down in the streets in an attempt to block our return to the parking lot. Unfortunately, the Police did not allow us to walk through the anarchists, which would have made the return trip to the parking alot much more interesting.

As I stated to the media, and in my speech, we thank the crazy counterprotesters for proving our point about how our opposition is not normal, and not representing the every day American people. If our message was so ineffective, or insane, the American people would ignore us, like they would a street corner bum talking about the end of the World. Instead, they prove our point by attempting to snuff out our message by screaming profanities over it. The enemies of freedom of speech are alive and well here in America, but they will never be able to silence, or stop us! The scene created by our opposition has driven more attention to the cause of National Socialism in America and has brought us droves of new people contacting us about getting involved. Our cause grows stronger by the hour, as our opposition falters in their pathetic attempts to silence us.

On behalf of myself, and The National Socialist Movement we would like to thank everyone that participated in the event, a few of whom came from far away, and many others from the local area. The men and women in the NSM are the frontlines in this fight, and I am honored to serve with you all. Thank you and a Salute to the men and ladies from the Loyal White Knights for the solidarity, you are all truely dedicated, and it was an honor to work with The LWK once again. The NSM and Klan stood in stark contrast to our opposition. The forthcoming pictures and video will show how we stood disciplined and mostly silent, listening to the speeches as our opposition acted like escaped apes from a local zoo.

Commander Jeff Schoep

The two day event in Charlotte, North Carolina was truly one for the history books!

The first day we arrived at around 3:00pm to find many of our comrades had already arrived at the hotel, for us it was like a reunion There was a great showing by many new comers as well, whom it was a privilege to have met and stood beside and hope to do so many more times hereafter. After all introductions, handshakes and a general feel good meet up, we adjourned to the meeting room for speeches, promotions and a more “member's only,” atmosphere to honor our martyr's and for internal party business for a large portion of the night.

Remember the speeches well brothers and sisters, remember what was discussed and let's continue our outstanding growth for our struggle!

After the meeting, the comrades split up into groups and we went off to eat dinner together or to rest up for the rally to come. Many of us stayed up the entire night, pumped up and energized for the day to come. The SS and those who braved the cold night serving our folk into the late hours and keeping the hotel safe from the anarchists and scum, it was much appreciated by the whole party.

The enemies of America said “Never in Charlotte, we'll run them off with their tails between their legs,” but we said, “Yes in Charlotte, WE own the streets!” The scum shouted, “We've ran off other groups and we'll run off the NSM,” and we said, “Try it!”

Before the rally our friends from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan showed up to ride with us to the event and it was truly a great show of solidarity. We drove to a parking garage and took formation to march and rally on Charlotte. We'd sent a small contingency of men out to setup the podium and PA system before hand and they alerted us that they were surrounded by the anarchists, communists and other assorted untermensche.

We marched through the streets without any sign of police protection for several city blocks, in fact we were told only fifteen cops were used by the city of charlotte and only around the rally point. Our small contingency of three men were being heckled and screamed at and harassed by the counter protesters, within just a few feet from one another, until they saw the massive turnout we had for our rally, marching freely towards them through the streets. The crowd gave way around our soldiers and we marched to our rally point, filling the entire area the police had begun walling off for us.

The speeches commenced and quickly the scum began banging drums and screaming like unchained baboons, in a feeble attempt to drown out our powerful PA system. The Commander gave a powerful and impassioned speech that hopefully the illegal people that attended take back to Mexico with them bringing National Socialism there too (National Socialism is for all nations!). The speeches that followed were also eye opening and illuminating to those who listened with topics such as a WORKING financial strategy to cut our deficit and keep social programs as they are, equal rights for whites and so much more!

The counter protesters were out there in force, screaming the same tired nonsense and socialist propaganda they have been brainwashed into by the media, but our PA drowned them out. The mass media and major news outlets and blogs were out en masse taking photos and video and conducting interviews with the Commander. One pro illegal immigrant Hispanic group came out dressed as clowns, which got our event even more exposure, so our thanks goes out to them.

The police then insisted on ushering us through the crowd to our parking garage, which turned into a bit of a disaster, we would have rather walked freely through the commie and anarchist scum! We got back to the garage after the counter protesting animals threw objects, shouted profanities, spit and tried to entice us to our soldiers proudly marched strong back to the garage and we drove back to our meeting hall for the after party. During the early onset of the after party, we'd received word that nearly all major news networks covered the rally, what a success for spreading National Socialism!

The after party then jumped started and boosted everyone's cheerful and celebratory nature. Then the food platters arrived to everyone's approval, as our soldiers were hungry from standing on the frontlines and a long march through Charlotte. Midway through the meal, as a complete surprise to most, a cake, card and present was presented with NSM's own, NAZI Bear mascot, to the commander to celebrate his birthday.

It was a great march, rally and after party, I am incredibly proud of everyone who showed up for not losing their composer and hurting any of the counter protesters and for keeping formations as much as possible. We were outnumbered 2-1 out there and we stood our ground and said “HELL NO WE WON'T GO!” We got our message out there, we gained a lot of support, we showed our enemies that we can remain composed despite their attempts to rouse us from formation, we gained new members, we patched many full members in and most importantly in my opinion, we know a large portion of who we'll be standing on the frontlines with now and that's because we stood beside them once already as brothers, sisters and warriors.

A special thanks to our newly appointed NSM Secretary and Region three leader for all their hard work and dedication to make this event a success. A special thanks from all of the organizers, myself, William and Sam also goes out to everyone who attended from all points of the United States of America, you all helped make this a genuinely special event. A final but no less sincere thanks goes out to the Klan for showing up and supporting the event as well, thank you KIGY.

Hail Victory! Hail the NSM!

SS Master Sgt. F. Cook
Chief of Staff

On the afternoon of Saturday, November 10, 2012, the National Socialist Movement held a meeting and rally in Charlotte, North Carolina. Members from Idaho, Arizona, Florida, Ohio and all points in between attended our semi-annual gathering. Charlotte was chosen because of the influx of illegal aliens, economic decline and the increasing incidents of black on white crime.

We, in the National Socialist Movement hold our rallies on or around November 9th. to commemorate the Beer Hall Putsch of November 9, 1923, when Adolph Hitler attempted to assume power. "The National Revolution has begun!" Hitler shouted.

In support, members of the Loyal Knights of the Ku Klux Klan joined our ranks as we marched on downtown Charlotte. We were greeted by a wide assortment of characters, including people dressed like clowns, tooting horns, blowing whistles and banging on drums. Also in attendance were the usual suspects, including anarchists, S.H.A.R.P.'s, hippies, Communists and outright degenerates. One protester claimed to be a Mexican Gypsy, whatever that is. The demonstrators were an assemblage of the flotsam and jetsam of humanity.

We formed up on a grassy area in front of the Charlotte police station. The speeches began with Commander Schoep, who was clear to point out that Mexican culture is fine, as long as it stays in Mexico. The NSM will patrol the Mexican border to defend our nation and White America. Commander Schoep also encouraged the people of all nations to return to their homelands and fight for the advancement of National Socialism for the mutual benefit of their own people. The two party "monopoly" of the United States is a failed system destined for total failure. The Presidential election held earlier in the week clearly shows how much of a failure our nation's "experiment in democracy" has been.

"You call yourselves liberals? A true liberal is someone that's tolerant." I don't see a lot of tolerance from my enemies today. I don't see a lot of tolerance, at all", said Commander Schoep.

NSM COS SS Sgt. Fred Cook stepped up to the microphone and spoke of major issues affecting our nation and how the National Socialist Movement works in the community to make our neighborhoods better places to live. COS Cook went on to say, "We love our nation. We love our folk and we defend White Civil Rights, entirely." Of course our opponents translate that into hatred and bigotry.

As he has so well before, Capt. Brian Culpepper spelled out a financially responsible plan for America under a National Socialist system. A plan that can cut spending, but keep social programs intact for those really in need. He reiterated the flaw in our current system that leads people to dependency on government.

Myself, along with representatives of the Loyal Knights also spoke out against illegal immigration, illegal drugs and what may happen to this country in a few short decades when our population reaches towards 500 million people. After all, we cannot sustain our current population, as it is.

After all the speeches were over and we said what we had to day, it was time to exit the venue. The degenerates, clowns and anarchists flanked us all the way down the street towards our parking area. They continued to shout profanities and make noise. Some of the S.H.A.R.P.'s and antifa scum decided to get in front of us and lay down in the middle of the street in a feeble attempt to block our way. One large black man, wearing a green jacket, became so enraged that police had to pull him aside for his safety. As for the people laying in the street, we simply walked by them and went to our vehicles.

Our rally went off without any casualties or arrests. After we returned to our hotel, we held a get together with food fun and camaraderie.

SS Lt. Harry L. Hughes III
Director, N.S.M. Region 11/N.S.M.-AZ Media Spokesman
N.S.M.-MEDIA Associate Producer



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