NSM Florida

- After Action Report -

Feb. 26, 2011

What a nice morning for a rally. We meet at the staging area at 11:30 sharp. As members started to roll in it started to get hot. . We found out  the corner we were suppose to have it was taken bay a bunch of school girls doing a car wash so we moved about 1000  yards down. We had many supporters and picture takers. People walked up and asked many questions all positive. As usual we had a few cars that drove by and heckled but not very many. We had supporters come from as far away as Port Charlot about 2.5 hours away. We will have at least one new member sign up and maybe a couple more. Where ever the NSM goes the NSM grows. HOW TRUE. Once again thanks to all who came and stood in the heat.  This was the best rally yet. Only getting better.

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