NSM Martyrs Day Gathering

- After Action Report -

Dec. 2011

We just got back from Georgia from the NSM 2011 Martyr's day meeting and it was an amazing time for all in attendance. I have to formally and personally thank Chris and his wife for their superior Aryan hospitality in hosting the after party and thank Commander Schoep for being the witness to the signing of our oath. I'd also like to thank SS Master Sgt. Messer for everything he did and does for our region and the movement as a whole. To say that I met a good many racial comrades would be a drastic understatement, and it is difficult for me to remember everyone's names from such a large turnout.

The meeting itself had a singer who sang a beautiful melody, speeches by Commander Schoep, and the host of our after party Chris and was incredibly inspirational to everyone. The Commander was an incredibly personable individual who took the time to greet and talk to everyone in attendance. The after party had both regular and adult libations, music and a wide array of NSM records merchandise that could tempt any self-respecting National Socialist to spend an entire paycheck or two.

It was a great meeting, and a great after party to honor our fallen and imprisoned comrades.

Hail the NSM!
Hail Victory!
Frederick Cook/ NSM NC




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