NSM Nationals in Temple, Georgia

- After Action Report -

April, 2018


On April 20 th 2018, the National Socialist Movement and it's Allies gathered in the Temple, Georgia area. As the evening progressed, speakers such as Commander Jeff Schoep, Dr. Michael Hill and many other great speakers gave speeches regarding our accomplishments and challenges that lie ahead. We had a wonderful dinner in great company and Commander Schoep issued promotions to many of the people who have really stepped up in the NSM.

Preparations were made that evening for the event the following day. The initial reports estimated that approximately 400 Local, County, State and Federal Officers would be on duty in Newnan to keep the Antifa and their anarchist and communist allies from clashing with the Nationalists.  Much to our surprise, those numbers increased to 700 law enforcement officers. It has not been confirmed publicly by the City of Newnan or the State of Georgia, but the initial reports estimate that the cost of the rally is going to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $450,000. The overkill on the police is in response to the events in Charlottesville, the State of Georgia kept the peace, and there was no repeat of the leftist violence we experienced in Charlottesville. 

A reported 10-12 Communists/Antifa were arrested for violating Georgia's mask laws, disorderly conduct, etc. No reports whatsoever of arrests, damage or incidents to any of our people. All law enforcement agencies claim to know what they are doing and have things in hand, but the SPLC and ADL never know if we are going to show up with 5 people or 1,200 people. And they have admitted in their own words they never know what to expect!

As suspected in advance, all locations, as well as our Hotels security was in question and treated as compromised in advance. There were even reports of Antifa or Antifa sympathizers testing bull horns and PA systems in the next room beside one of our members. Still even then, the Communists were too cowardly to attack us in even a single event. The bulk of the members at the hotel were HEAVILY and LEGALLY armed to the teeth consequently preventing any Communists from attacking members and vandalizing any personal property, as they are known to do.

Several hours after the Newnan rally, NSM Members and Allies held a giant Swastika and Odal Rune lighting. Many of our brothers and sisters have never seen an event such as this and were awestruck at the ceremony. The lighting was the grand finale' of the weekend event, and capped off another productive and successful NSM Nationals. There was media from Japan, Germany and all over the world begging for exclusive access to the event and standing outside waiting. Within 24 hours , the lighting went viral in Europe and all over the world.

I want to personally thank each and every person who attended the events and I would like to declare this a victory for our movement. NOT just the NSM, but all of our brothers and sisters all over the country and world.




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