White Pride World Wide Day

- After Action Report -

March. 19, 2011

NSM Britannia would like to say thanks to everyone who contributed to White Pride World Wide Day Activism. Your help was much appreciated all in all an excellent week of activism across the country that resulted in new members and new requests for information.

We got the message of White Pride World Wide Day out there to the general public!

We distributed over 1000 leaflets in Birmingham, and well done to our Lancs Division for leafleting over 500 cars over 7 stories of a 9 story  car park before being ejected by the car park security for simply expressing our point of view.

Again, every one has been very proactive and it is great to see the results of that work. To anyone reading this who may interested in NSM Britannia,  Contact us and join the fight.

Join the Fight for White Civil Rights! Join NSM Britannia!



NSM88.ORG    National Socialist Movement, P.O. Box 13768 Detroit, MI. 48213 (651) 659-6307