NSM Wisconsin meeting

- After Action Report -

April, 2011

This past weekend, NSM Wisconsin had our first event of 2011. Racialists and National Socialists from all across the state gathered in Fond Du Lac for our State Meeting and Gathering. In usual tradition, we did not start on time (LOL), but when we arrived there were already 25 plus waiting for us. Thank you to our newest prospect in Fond Du Lac for holding down the fort until we got there. It was by far the best turnout for this type of event here in Wisconsin in many years.

The focus of our meeting was to meet new racialists in the Fond Du Lac area and discuss the upcoming events for NSM Wisconsin. A 45 minute speech was given by Sgt. Harriet Paletti discussing National Socialism, activism, politics, and the betterment our ourselves and communities. Our meeting closed with the swearing in and patching of two members to the NSM Skinhead Division. All then retreated to a small local bar for some drinks, pizza, and a few games of pool.

We accepted one membership application and provided about a dozen others with them as they requested. So we hope that NSM as a whole will continue to grow with those who showed interest in joining our ranks. We also met a bar owner who has extended her support to us with a place to host our meetings and such.

Looking forward to the future, NSM Wisconsin is hosting two events in the upcoming months in the Milwaukee area. So please keep checking the main NSM calendar at http://www.nsm88.org for more details. Fliers are already listed on the site as well.

So to everyone who attended this past weekend, thank you so much for showing us that the people of the great state of Wisconsin still care about Family, Race, and Nation.

Your Comrade in the never-ending battle for White civil rights, Sgt. Harriet Paletti




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