NSM's Reclaim the Southwest: Las Vegas, NV

- After Action Report -

Saturday, June 25th, 2011


 On Saturday June 25th. NSM members from Arizona, California, Las Vegas and Utah along with Supporters protested Illegal day laborers at the Star Nursery on Eastern Ave. When we arrived a group of 8-10 Illegal's were at the Nursery looking for work but moved rather quickly across the street to the Circle K gas station. With NSM and American Flags waving in the wind we received cheers, salutes, and thumbs up from many passing motorists whom were in support of our Operation. Toward the end of the rally a few Anti's showed up across the street but were quickly dispersed. All in all, the Rally was a Complete SUCCESS.           

After the Rally a BBQ was held where our Comrades could relax, and new plans were being set forth.

SS SSgt. Joshua Davenport
NSM Unit Leader NV




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