In Defense of White America Rally

- After Action Report -

After Action Report from West Allis/Milwaukee Wisconsin

The event went extremely well with the only exception being what seemed like never ending rain. Approximately 75 of our Folk showed up, along with many unidentified White citizens from the local community who stood in the audience to hear the message and attend in solidarity. I will paste a few of the e-mails from supporters minus their names for security reasons at the end of this report. We have been flooded with emails and phone calls of support from the local community both before and after this event.

The credit for a job well done goes to NSM WI. whom have spent alot of time and energy getting this event organized. Thanks to everyone whom participated, spoke, drove, filmed, and had any part in the event. We also salute the local Skins who pushed their way through the communist mobs to get to our area to stand alongside of us, and our Comrades in the local Motorcycle Clubs that showed up in solidarity and stood in the audience. Same goes for the Skinheads and local White men and women that stood in the audience, many of whom were surrounded by screaming mobs of angry blacks and/or communist activists. The number of supporters in the audience in Wisconsin was stronger than any media agency has reported, and some of these brave people can be seen in videos on youtube. We would also like to thank all of the speakers from the NSM, along with Art Jones of the American First Committee, Mike Delaney of, Pastor Eli, and everyone else, if we listed you all by name I would be writing this after action report for another day. You know who you are, and we salute you!

We arrived at City Hall in West Allis to protest in defense of White America, and against the ongoing racial attacks by black flash mobs that has been going on around the Nation. We discovered City Hall with its windows boarded up like they were prepared for a full scale riot. We went in to set up the pa system which was one of the loudest systems we have used thus far. We unfurled our banners, along with NSM and various American Flags, and began the speeches by 2:30. I pointed out during my speech that we could see our opposition openly flying Soviet Communist Flags, the Zionist flag of Occupied Palestine was also prominently displayed by our opposition, along with the usual vulgar and hateful picket signs we see our opposition holding around the Nation. Later several people mentioned to me that out of the mob of degenerates that opposed us, NOT ONE of them held an American flag, only the NSM and our allies had American flags, not one was seen amongst the entire opposition who stood instead under zionist and soviet/commie banners. Our opposition truly stood out in the open under their chosen banners, yet the system media did not make mention of these obvious differences between the so-called peace activists and those Patriots whom stood in solidarity with us in defense of White America.


Milwaukee Rally in Defense of White Americans

Saturday, September 03rd, 2011 about 75 members of the National Socialist Movement, racialists, and local West Allis citizens joined together in defense of the White victims that have been attacked at the Wisconsin State Fair. The two main focuses for our rally was to address the double standards of the Federal hate crime laws and the anti-white violence that has spread all across this Nation.

We battled the rain and got our speakers on the way starting with Commander Schoep. I must say this was the most passionate speech I have seen thus far, and hope the motivation continues! We were graced as well by Mr. Mike Delaney from who never ceases to amaze us with his extensive knowledge on the injustices to our People. Guest speaker Art Jones who ran for Milwaukee Mayor in 1976 gave a passionate speech directed towards our Zionist enemies. Upon closing, I just had to say my piece. It felt good to address Mayor Dan Devine who stood on the side of the Communists and Zionists during our rally and said we were not welcome. Residents of HIS city asked for our help and we were glad to oblige!

In traditional fashion, NSM is not all work and no play. After a brief break to get freshened up after two hours in the rain, we headed to my favorite local karaoke bar. We had a great time even though only one of our brave men had the you-know-what to sing!

I honestly believe based on the dozens of e-mails and phone calls both the Commander and myself have received, that this rally has changed some things for our Cause. While all of these black on white hate crimes and black flash mob attacks have been occurring for some time, WE were the only ones willing to stand up publically against it. The press was not as biased as we have seen in the past and when the Milwaukee Rally DVD is released soon, you can judge for yourself. We had a lot of local support standing with us last weekend and even more in the crowd.

Before I sign off, I would like to extend some thank you’s to those who made this rally such as success. To Art Jones, thank you for the banners that said “Justice for White Victims” and “Prosecute Black Hate Crimes”. To SS Lt. Duke, thank you for providing our security. To Cpl. Paul of WI, thank you for gathering the local troops who needed transportation. To Mike Delaney, thank you for transportation assistance among everything else. To Renee and Prospect Darla, thank you for manning the home front while I had the Press Conference to get to. To Paster Eli James, thank you for bringing the loudest sound system we ever had. To Commander Schoep, for pushing me to get back to work this season when I thought NSM Wisconsin was almost done for 2011. The list goes on, but thank you all for coming out and be sure to keep checking the main calendar for more activism from NSM Wisconsin. Hail Victory! 14/88

Staff Sgt. Harriet
NSM Region 9 Coordinator/NSM WI State Director


NSM Commander Schoep Speaking At West Allis Wisconsin Rally - Black Flash Mobs Wi State

Here is some video from in the audience section, where counter protesters are going crazy:

NSM rally West allis, WI 9-3-2011

NSM sympathizers and counter protesters confront each other, West Allis, WI, 9/3/11

Here is a few e-mails from local citizens who attended in the audience or live in the area:

From: anonymous:

While I am getting too old to be part of this sort of thing. I wanted to thank you for being a voice. Being the voice that is willing to stand up and tell the truth of what is really going on here. The mainstream media and government are to afraid to admit that the attacks on white Wisconsinites was racially motivated. They are to afraid to admit that there is a plague engulfing our neighborhoods.
That plague is the coddling of our Black and Brown ignorant citizens. I was fed and believed that bs of all men are created equal and that we should live in harmony. I gave that line of thinking it's chance too. But as of late with the constant attacks, bashing, and being told I should be embarrassed because I am white. I can no longer subscribe to that train of thought. I am no longer of the belief that I must continue to be polite and tolerant, when a whole society is attacking the moral fabric of what made this country great.
While I can not be there with you today in West Allis Wisconsin.....and I can not give away my name (I hold job that is in the spot light) Please do not take that a sign that I do not believe that you are looking out for our rights.

Thanks Anonymous.

Hi, my name is xxxxxxxxx,

I'm a white female who actually doesn't live too far from state fair in WI. I was at your rally standing in front watching as you spoke, I must admit your words were very valid and intriguing. I was with friends and we were there honestly because we thought black people get riled up and start fighting, but I soon realized there was more to it when I was listening to you talk. I was shaking my head, along with the group that was standing around me plus my friends, and agreeing with many of your valid points. I even took a video and uploaded it on youtube so I could post it on my facebook page, I don't know if my title would be politically correct, but I labeled it xxxxxxxxxxxx  feel free to take a look. The one main part in the speech that caught my attention was when he was saying your group doesn't hate other races, they just highly support their own. There are a lot of support groups for other races out there and I encourage a white support group to do what they need to do to bring awareness to the white community. Thank you so much for having our back, because in that state fair mob, my moms friend was attacked while walking home eating a desert, a lot of friends of mine dealt with having to help those who were hospitalized, one woman and her small child I heard from one of my friends was rushed to the hospital by his brother who is an EMT, and her daughter died in the ICU. I am proud to be white, and I'm sick of it being seen as a bad thing in other peoples eyes. I was even yelled at by some guy when the rally was done and I was leaving, he thought I was a member and was talking all sarcastic to me telling me to come back next year, he can't wait, then some lady told me to suck her XXXX haha...and all I was doing was walking back to my car, this is the kind of ignorance that pisses me off, but strangely all I could do was laugh and hold my head up knowing I was right and proud of who I was after your speech. I would like to learn more about your group, if you could e-mail me back at xxxxxxxxxxxxx or call me with information at xxxxxxxxx Again thank you so much for sticking up for our community, much love.   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Dear NSM

I'm so glad you came out to talk about the mob of blacks that attacked in Milwaukee.  I'm sorry you did not get the support and attention your topic deserved.  I closely monitored the newspaper in Milwaukee and the Craiglist in an attempt to hear what the whites had to say in the aftermath.  Why they did not come together while you were speaking I do not know.  I would have come up and shown support if I were there.

So, I do not know if there were Blacks there - the you tube did not show the crowd.  But at least they know there is a white presence and we are watching.

You did a good job with your speech. 

White people unite! contact me and tell me how I can participate in any upcoming events.   



I wanted to tell you how sorry I am that you weren't heard on Saturday. I guess no one is allowed to be white and stick up for their own. I sent an email a few days earlier to you thanking you for coming and standing up for us. I attended as a spectator and was frustrated no one was shutting up to let you all talk. Thank you, again for your efforts. Too bad these morons are too scared to speak out against what our country has become and wake the heck up. I'm sick of all these people living in namby pamby land, tip-toeing and making excuses for these animals who are raping our women, overcrowding our prisons, and messing up our neighborhoods/schools. I bet the old, white, civil rights integration activists are kicking themselves in the rear over and over again, now! God bless and I'll pray more sheltered idiots will see the light.   xxxxxxxxxxx

The above emails are just a few of the ones that have came in to me personally.

NSM will be releasing Official video, DVD, and pictures very soon.




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