"America First" Rally in Phoenix, AZ

Mon, Nov 9, 2009


NSM's "America First" Rally in Phoenix this past Saturday was a rousing success! People in Arizona and around the world are now more aware of how illegal aliens, jews and other 'non-Americans' are ruining this and many other countries.


  There was approximately 100 of 'us,' and regrettably was about the same number of 'anti-racists, gays, and other visually-bizarre low-lifes. In fact, as we were marching out, the police separated us from them.  It was fortunate for the anti's that the Police were there, last month when the Police lines broke in California and brown berets attacked 20 NSM members, the browns were beaten down. This time with 100 NSM members vs, the weak ara rabble, the communist mob would have been really hurting, had they attempted to attack us again. The predictably dimwitted chanting and ringing bells, etc., the antis actually threw a couple of rocks and three full cans of soup towards us. One of the cans bearly missed a police supervisor! In fact, to keep the antis from indulging their baser instincts, there were at least about 75 police in the area -- walking, on bikes, motorcylces and even horses! By the way, note the picture of the anti-guy outfitted in a dress -- sorta like Klinger-of-MASH meets Marilyn Monroe! Anti-guy...pun fully INTENDED!

The way into the rally area was a challenge, too. While marching in, we were harranged by a lunatic anti-racist who tried to get Comrade Wilson to throw a punch. Admittedly, not a good idea! Later on site, some of the supposedly 'professional' journalists were not much better than the antis! Speaking of Wilson, one of the photos here features him wearing one of the antis funny handkerchiefs.

Also, NSM Media are working on post-event projects, possibly including one that will bring you INTO the action!

Last but not least, NSM Arizona would like to thank Commander Schoep as well as regional and national staffs, and even international dignitaries like Brandon Raven of NSM-UK. Gentlemen, THANK you for seeing the problem of unbridled illegal immigration here in the Southwest, and standing with us to spectacularly bring the issue into people's minds again.

Ironically, in leaving the event, everyone got to see first-hand one of the many negative impacts of illegal immigration. An illegal alien in a allegedly stolen truck smashed into one of our vehicles, resulting in one of the California members having to visit the emergency room for a leg injury. The kicker is that the truck was reportedly stolen! The irony of that after leaving a rally against illegal immigration, was almost too much!

Welcome to Arizona everyone! But, as for illegal aliens, we might add a request for them to LEAVE...as it's "America First!"

After the rally the NSM and its supporters were treated to a free concert featuring the excellent high energy, live, RAC/OI band ENFORCER. Enforcer played a great show that was enjoyed by all. Food was served by NSM AZ. (thanks Pat), private land courtesy of another of our good Comrades was enjoyed by all for a few speeches, NSM Flags flying high on the poles, dinner, promotions and awards, a blood flag ceremony and blessing of unit flags, then of course a rowdy live RAC concert complete with the desert sand whipping into dust clouds as the Skins moshed to Enforcer songs!

It was a great day as the NSM is now rising and showing that we are becoming as strong here in the Southwest as we are in the Midwest.

Kevin James
Unit Leader, NSM Arizona
Associate Producer, NSM Media


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