Rally against communism and illegal immigration

- After Action Report -

On Oct. 17th the MN. Unit held a rally against communism and illegal immigration. We arrived at the veteran's memorial around 1:30 pm so we could prepare our equipment and beat the A.R.A. to the area. Around 2 pm the opposition arrived with tomatoes, carrots, and glitter balloons. At around 2:45 the 75-100 commie scum started to march toward us with a banner saying bash back. When they were about 15 to 20 feet in front of us I began my speech. I will have that speech posted at a later date. While reading my speech several A.R.A. started to throw glitter balloons and tomatoes at that point the police took those individuals down using mace and handcuffs.

I continued on with my speech as the commies tried to push forward. The police would not let them so the ara/commie scum decided to drag my speaker box into their crowd and repeatedly stomped on it. That is when another commie was arrested for destruction of property. We stood our ground. We stood tall and proud not because we are "Nazis" but because we are patriotic white American citizens who are sick and tired of our folk being pushed around. We were asked to leave around 3:30 by police Chief Phillip we complied and went to our vehicles.

After the rally we went to a local truck stop and had some coffee and sodas while discussing what we could have done differently and if the event was a success. We came to the conclusion that we had a successful event because we kept our cool and the commies didn't, they were arrested and we were not. I would like to thank the citizens of Austin that came out to support us. I would also like to thank our comrades who stood tall with us.


STFC Sam Johnson


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