Arizona Border Operation

- After Action Report -

October, 2014

Commencing on October 3, 2014, NSM-AZ conducted a mufti-organization denial of access border operation in the Sonoran Desert National Monument near the Freeman Rd. exit off Interstate 8. From a base camp, National Socialist Movement movement members/supporters, along with various Minutemen, militia and independent operators covered hundreds of square miles of ground, chased off a cartel spotter, who used a Jew harp to signal his partners in crime. The primary purpose of our operation was to deny drug and human smugglers access or a free pass to a large section of the Interstate 8 corridor.

Our method of operation is strictly to "observe and report," unless we need to switch into a "humanitarian" or "search & rescue" mode. The Border Patrol and the Bureau of Land Management also took interest in our activities and became more abundant, as our group became larger. In the months prior to our operation, law enforcement was largely absent from the area of operation. At times, there is no law, only drug cartels controlling large sections of U.S. territory.

Tagging along to document our activities was Federico Borella, an Italian photojournalist from Bologna, Italia. I met up with Federico at the National Socialist Movement's national meeting in Chattanooga, TN, last April. Despite the tarantulas, aggressive scorpions, super-sized millipedes, pouring down rain and questions from Border Patrol agents regarding the Syrian visa associated with his Italian passport, Federico managed to get quite a few photographs and an insight as to what we are actually doing out in the field and why.

Four concerned and patriotic residents from my own neighborhood volunteered their time and resources. Once the soaking rain we found ourselves dealing with during the middle of the week subsided, one of our local volunteers provided a delicious lasagne dinner, salad and Halloween themed decor, including candy. We were even visited by a friendly purple haired vampire, who delivered groceries.

On Saturday, October 11, 2014, we broke camp and wrapped up our reconnaissance activities. One of our team members deployed trail cameras in an area showing evidence indicating recent smuggling activity that we plan to return to, in the near future. However, Federico and I weren't finished. There was more for us to do.

On October 12, 2014, we decided to make a trip south of the border to Nogales, Sonora. From Maricopa, we drove through Stanfield, AZ via SR 84 and proceeded southbound on Stanfield Rd. through the cartel friendly Tohono O'odham Nation. At Indian Route 15, we headed southbound to the Old Ajo Highway and Sells, AZ. From there, we drove eastbound through Robles Junction, making our way to Tucson and I-19, where we proceeded to the Mexican border. Entering Mexico was much easier than returning. Entering Mexico is as easy as walking in, while re-entering the United States requires a passport and answers to various questions, asked by the border agent.

The National Socialist Movement, and other patriots will continue to patrol our borderlands, until such a time our services are no longer necessary. Otherwise, we'll be patrolling, until the U.S./Mexico border is reasonably secure.

SS Capt. Harry L. Hughes III
Director, N.S.M. Region 11/N.S.M.-AZ Media Spokesman
N.S.M.-MEDIA Associate Producer



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