NSM-Arizona Border Patrol

- After Action Report -

This past Saturday, several members of NSM-Arizona joined, Unit Executive Officer Harry Hughes on a patrol through the southern part of Maricopa County. Joining Hughes was a reporter and his video crew from Telemundo, as well as NSM-Arizona Unit Leader Kevin James.

As one of NSM Media's associate producers, ‘KJ' is completing a video-short of the afternoon, and will send in his report later in the week. The full Telemundo video news story has been slated to air on Tuesday. And, Harry Hughes (media spokesperson for the unit) will also be writing his own report as well. In the meantime, we have some pictures from the event. 

The area we covered was a dry river bottom that is a typical route for illegal aliens. Although there are trees on the banks to provide occasional shade, the environment is essentially desert and inhospitably dangerous. Even with it being a partially cloudy day, the newsmen from California struggled somewhat in the Arizona heat. And everyone struggled to a lesser degree with the uneven, sandy, dirt-and-rock terrain. To the credit of the Telemundo reporters, they at least appeared to be fair in their questions, and innovative in their video coverage of our activities. In chatting with one of the cameramen, we found out that he had chosen to cover the Beijing Olympics for their network. And, the reporter was so careful in the art of his work, that he did several ‘takes' of his walking-and-talking report on a couple of occasions. Mix professionalism and the heat…

As we traveled along, Hughes found several remnants of illegal alien passage. Abandoned water bottles, rusting can openers, and empty backpacks that once contained a change of clothes before the illegals reached the nearby highway were strewn periodically in the bushes and scrub. A few hours, and we were hot and sweaty. I can only begin to imagine how illegals might feel as they trudge along.

Although we had water and dried meat products for any illegals we might come upon, we were fortunate enough I guess not to see any. If we had seen any illegal aliens, they would have been struggling for their lives, all because of a bad decision to sneak in to this country.

Some of the politicians and most of the people who do not fully understand the tragedy of illegal aliens dying in the desert ought to come along with us. If they could only see that we are against illegal immigration…not because we're ‘racist'…but because we believe in the SOVERIETY OF THIS NATION, and the value of PEOPLES' LIVES from other countries as well.

By the way, I would like to thank NSM-Arizona personell who were able to show up on such relatively short notice!

Kevin James
Unit Leader, NSM-Arizona
Associate Producer, NSM Media


Telemundo patrols with the NSM

It was my pleasure to have reporters from Telemundo, a Spanish language television station, accompany a squad of enthusiastic and motivated NSM members and supporters on a desert patrol to observe drug smuggling and illegal alien activity south on Interstate 8.

These patrols have served to alert the public that there are serious public safety and border security issues in southern Arizona.

Our unit and Telemundo met up at a predetermined meeting place and commenced with the documentation of our patrol. Being the hottest part of the day, we brought plenty of water for ourselves and anyone that we might encounter. One adult requires approximately one gallon of water per day in this hostile and unforgiving environment.

During the filming and interview, I discussed that we were looking for evidence of illegal immigration and drug smuggling. We did come across some discarded backpacks and water bottles in the wash we patrolled. It was also our goal to take back American land, recreation areas and national monuments from the Mexican drug cartels.

I pointed out that we were not there to confront or detain illegal aliens. We were not law enforcement officers and had no authority to do so. In fact, more often than not, we provide water and humanitarian aid to distressed border crossers that have been abandoned by their coyotes. It's odd that we treat these people better than their own countrymen. After all, the coyote has already been paid and could care less if their “human cargo” lives or dies.

We are not vigilantes and do not take the law into our own hands. We are patriotic citizens who are deeply concerned for our country.

When we encounter undocumented aliens (UDA's), we notify the Border Patrol who will dispatch agents to pick up and deport the illegal border crossers.

I explained to the reporters that our efforts were not motivated by racism or hate, but by love of country and the need to secure our border for national security. As we all know these drug cartels poison our citizens and flood our schools with their illicit wares. This plague on our people could be slowed by efforts of law enforcement if they were so inclined. Our political leaders seem to turn a blind eye when it comes to the safety and welfare of our own citizens.

Since the NSM first started patrolling this area, publicity has put other agencies under pressure to begin enforcing our laws. In recent weeks, DEA, BLM rangers and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office have been monitoring and patrolling this area.

Our patrol was a success in that we were able to deny human smugglers and drug mules use of the area while we were there. The more good people that use our parks will ultimately cause unlawful users to go elsewhere.

ST Harry L. Hughes III
NSM-PHX Executive Officer/Media Spokesman





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