NSM After Action report from the frontlines in Arizona

- After Action Report -

1 Dead, and 3 apprehended; Arizona Border

Once again the National Socialist Movement set the bar for true patriotic activism. As they celebrate the accomplishment of patrolling the border for well over a year the members of NSM Arizona and NSM California Units decided to step up their efforts to defend our nation from the invasion from Mexico. The nation has become concerned about state parks and wildlife refuges in Arizona reported by the media as being lost to the the Mexican drug cartels. Residents of Arizona have become infuriated along with a sense of despair as the federal government refuses to properly fund local officials or take any appropriate action to safeguard our land or it`s people. Following three days of recon missions the heavily armed NSM leaped into action reclaiming many miles of southern Arizona known for both it`s human and drug trafficking. They were assisted by armed locals of different ethnicities who were pleased to help an organization willing to fight the cartels and reclaim the land. After clearing an area known as a safe haven for illegal aliens at around 4pm on July 19th, 2010 the NSM along with unaffiliated local residents raised American flags and prepared for the third phase of operations. Just before midnight a patrol was sent further south to collect Intel and cut off known routes used by coyotes and the cartels.

While the patrol was out an alliance of local patriots and NSM members worked security around the base camp. The first patrol returned and was succeeded by a substantial second patrol in the early morning hours at a time when the drug cartels and coyotes prefer to travel. A secondary camp was established and the allied force then dominated miles of southern Arizona. heavily armed foot patrols guarded both the camps and went on quiet recon missions into the desert hundreds of yards from the main camps. Many hours later the secondary camp retired from their stronghold and returned to the main base of operations just as day light hit the desert.

A hour after the assemblage at base camp NSM members on security spotted one of Mexico`s biggest export; a Mexican. Javier was almost delirious from heat exhaustion and dehydration and his feet bled through his socks from nine days of hiking through the desert. Immediately the base camp went into high alert. Invaders into our nation never singly come and a single person found near a camp usually serves as a distraction for the coyotes or the cartels. As Javier searching for humanitarian aid voluntarily gave up his travel into America our base security was vigilant and a heavily armed search team went on patrol. While waiting for Border Patrol to pick up Javier the search team discovered a body lying dead in the nearby wash. Although partially hidden by brush there was no hiding the stench of decaying flesh. Judging by what the buzzards didn`t eat, and by the clothing, the body appeared to be a middle aged man. The only item near the body was a pole his hand clutched with a water bottle tied at the end. The position of the body indicated to us that he either fainted and collapsed or was the victim of foul play. Local authorities were notified and an investigation by the authorities was launched. Javier was taken into custody by Border Patrol and two others that were part of his party were picked up on the main highway.

This highly successful operation also pushed drug runners on a path in the neighboring county the previous night that isn`t usually traveled and they were easily spotted according to one source. A local who goes on patrol to safeguard his neighborhood reported that the drug runners were forced to use the paths usually reserved for the coyotes. As we reclaim more of southern Arizona the cartels will be forced to fight over the paths outside of our patrols. A local source reported that with more local citizens on patrol every day and the NSM placing more boots in the region the cartels are fighting and killing each other. The last gun battle between cartels in the area was only a week prior to our major operation. After last Saturday the cartels have been left with fewer ports of entry. We continue to work with locals (some of the locals are NSM members) and we receive good Intel on both the coyotes and the cartels activities. We will coordinate our efforts accordingly.

I would like to thank JT Ready, Harry, and NSM Arizona for coordinating this recent effort, for their recon missions prior to the big push into the desert, and for all their work at the border. I would also like to thank NSM California member "Butch" and NSM supporter Steve for the supplies and for helping transport NSM California`s border equipment. And although this operation was made possible, and successful, by a variety of people we must thank all the locals who decided to help us in the field and/or in supporter roles. We can not stress how grateful we are for the boots at the border and the Intel provided by these locals of different ethnicities. These people were scrutinized by the media at Saturdays press conference and some were even attacked for supporting an effort led by the NSM however these individuals were not persuaded to leave or abandon the mission. There was no talk of political affiliation or beliefs. We openly spoke on who we are to not mislead any individual however the goal was to reclaim American land, and not push our beliefs. There was an Apache Indian and a Hispanic along with others supporting the mission and willing to fight and die along side of us to keep drugs off our streets, keep Mexicans from further invading our land, and reclaim American land and the border. The Hispanic man was very vocal about being an American first, last, and only. The Apache was a reward recipient and acknowledged state wide for his work against drug abuse in his community and has personally led many addicts to recovery. His statement before embarking on the mission was simple yet powerful,"I`ve been fighting drug abuse for many years. Now it`s time for me to fight the problem at it`s source. The drugs stop here".

The NSM patrols at the border in Arizona and California continue and future large scale missions are being organized in both states. The National Socialist Movement continues with their campaign to reclaim the Southwest!

MSgt. Jeff Hall
NSM Region 11 Director





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