After Action Report Belleville Rally



Wow what an awesome day! The morning started off on a bad note when I received a phone call from the Officer in charge of security with the Belleville Police Department. He informed me that orders from up high  i.e. the Mayor & Chief of Police had reneged on our original agreement of an end time of 3:00p.m. down to noon. I was told "in the interest of public safety both us and the counter protest must cease and desist action" or risk potential arrest.  SS Lt. Boswell advised me to try and get a hold of the local branch of the ACLU to see if they would send someone out to observe. Of course nobody was in the office as it was the weekend. Believe me when I say a certain expletive left my mouth several...several times. Oh well the show must go on.

Fellow comrades started arriving around 9:30a.m. First to arrive were a couple long time NSM members who for security purposes will remain nameless. Following them was Lt. Boswell and his daughter Kayln. Around 10:00 I went up to the linkup location to meet other members and groups who were planning on attending. Phil and two of his comrades from the Illinois National Socialist Front had arrived as well as Bill with his wife and child represented the White Boy Society. We even had three KKK members arrive from out of the blue. Everybody hadn't even arrived yet and someone already in the neighborhood has called the cops. The police knew we were coming and just wanted to make sure we weren't changing the location of the rally. Thinking back now as I write this, how funny would it have been if I would have called the media and did just that? There going to jew us on time. Screw em we'll exercise our constitutional rights elsewhere and mess up their security plans, but no it's Oktoberfest and the public is waiting. In all seriousness now,  the cops left one squad car to "escort" us to the parking arrangement even after I told them I wasn't supposed to call Major Sparga until 10:45. After Sgt. Keene and the rest of Springfield unit arrived we loaded up the vehicles and proceeded to the event. The police weren't prepared yet and the escort car just "happened" to take the scenic route to where we needed to go, further delaying our time. We found out why when we finally arrived.

It seemed everyone was there! The parking garage across the street from where we were supposed to be was full of about 100-150 anti's with about another 75-100 on the ground! The cops figured the only counter protest which was scheduled by a local church group would be the only ones there. They thought wrong! Let the battle begin! Immediately the shouting match began. As usual they eventually ran out of steam after about 20 minutes and their numbers dwindled down to about 60-75 with  dozens of citizens still on the streets in two different directions. This allowed for people who wanted to hear the message to finally come closer to us next to one of the barricades. One 65 year old ex-marine came up and offered a twenty dollar donation. Another ex-navy man about 70 mentioned to Cpl. Jokisch that he originally came out to protest us because we wear the swastika, but after listening to how we presented and conducted ourselves he could not find himself disagreeing with anything we had to say. He finished by saying he wants to know more and will be visiting our website. I was able to talk with a group of supporters who informed me that they won't allow their child to ride the bus and have revised their schedule to accommodate him to and from school. They thanked us for coming out and speaking up for white people. They said they had been to the website, but thought it was just around the Detroit area. I informed them this was not the case and that we have chapters in practically every state. This pleased them a great deal. Another individual next to them asked me some basic questions about clothing and music and such. We even had some middle aged people who were giving us the thumbs up, clapping, and joining us in the U.S.A chant as we were leaving.

When we finally arrived back at the rendezvous point to give an interview with the Belleville-News-Democrat we had another car pull up to the stop sign next to our parking lot and tell us thanks and offer words of support. Lt. Boswell and myself have even received positive e-mails since.

Finally we ended up at an undisclosed location for camaraderie and some good food prepared for us in advance by someone I'll just refer to as Cheryl. After several hours, the inevitable  happens and people have to depart. This part always is unfortunate as we'll all miss each other until the next time. Overall though, the rally was a resounding success with being able to get our message out. We touched more than just a "few" today. I would like to thank everyone who was involved from NSM to the Illinois National Socialist Front, White Boy Society, and Klan who together stood as one and showed true white unity. Until next time.

Cpl. Jason Bonn
NSM St. Louis


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